Motivation Monday


Well, I’m back in Austin after a perfect trip home to Memphis to run the St. Jude Half Marathon.  I’ll have to share details later because there’s not time for a lengthy post right now.  But I will say, I had a blast in my fifteenth half marathon and of those twelve different races (I’ve run several multiple times), St. Jude is still my favorite.  And whether you were a runner or a spectator – I’m betting you feel a little motivated (right Kalli and Holls?!)


So what to do after one race is over?  Sign up for another!  And if you’re gutsy make it even harder!  Let the countdown begin to the AUSTIN LIVESTRONG FULL MARATHON – I’ve officially signed up (11 weeks to go by the way and there’s still room for you!).  I know you were worried I wouldn’t have anything to write about…..

This will be my third marathon and I’m hoping it goes a little better than my second one.  I’ve got a few training partners so am predicting we’ll follow through with the training.

11 weeks to go!

11 weeks to go!

Use a race to motivate you – Volunteer.  Cheer.  Participate.  It’s incredible.


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