Sweet 16: St. Jude Half Marathon 2012


So a long time ago, when I first signed up for this race, I had big hopes to beat my half-marathon PR of 1:47:35 set on this very course in 2011.  Training was going great with a few little hiccups between moving and summer school.  And then some big hiccups came when graduate school really grabbed my life around the neck.  I decided probably about 4 weeks before this race occurred that I would just run it for fun.  Yes, feeling underprepared and incapable had a lot to do with it but if you want the real truth……

I wanted to go to the Grizzlies game on Friday night.

Me and Holls at the Grizz game!

And not only did I want to go, I wanted to enjoy the appropriate Grizzlies experience which meant meeting friends out after the game.  Staying out until midnight the night before a half is not exactly textbook PR material.

I wanted to enjoy my city.

Running as fast as you can through a race course doesn’t really allow for time to take in all the spectators, the Christmas decorations, familiar buildings and tasty bbq aromas.  Nope, running a PR focuses your mind only on making sure you’re pushing hard enough so that your muscles almost burn….

I wanted to catch up with friends.

Me and Princess playin’ at the expo!

Before, during and after the race.  You can’t talk when you’re running just under lactate threshold.  You can’t move later in the day either.  I had a perfect time with girlfriends and guyfriends on the days leading up to the race, during the race and in the days after.  The two best parts were Princess running with me the whole time (well almost the whole time, until I got away from her on mile 12, only to turn around and find her with her hand out demanding, “Puuullll meeeeeeee”) and my college girlfriends climbing in bed with me after a shower to paint nails and catch up on the hot goss.

The day was warm for December and I would have struggled to push it in that weather.  If you need proof of the fun I had, click here.   I completely enjoyed my weekend catching up with friends, the talk of the town and appreciated seeing everyone (special shout out to my hostesses and my airport chauffeur 😉 ).  Plus, since I’m in marathon training mode, it was a perfect way to start practicing slowing down my pace…..I’m not sure I can do that twice!

Sixteen half-marathons down and St. Jude is still my favorite.


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  1. Good choice! It was a fun weekend. Now, in Austin, we both may be a little more wasted. We’ll see what happens. That’s the beauty of running. You don’t know how it’ll be until its over.

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