It’s About Time!


For a lot of things!  For starters, it’s about time I log back in to this account to write about my running adventures.  It’s about time I re-cap a race that I ran more than 2 months ago.  It’s about time we catch up.

In April I completed my 10th state in my lifetime goal of running a half marathon in every state!  I ventured to Kentucky to run in the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon.  I was able to tie the weekend in quite nicely with a girls’ reunion weekend in Louisville too.  This was the first race since the Livestrong Marathon in February and I must admit I was not in peak racing condition.  I knew to just take it slowly and enjoy the sights.  Here’s a recap of the race and the weekend (may be a little vague….it was a long time ago 😉 ).

State #10: Kentucky

Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon

April 27, 2013



KY – check!

Race Morning

I was lucky enough to be able to crash at my college roommate’s all weekend.  And have her organize my transportation to and from the race!  Other sorority sisters, Anna, Kalli and Lynds were there too for the reunion.  Even though I was the only one running, the entire house was up early.  The rest of the group was off to Derby weekend festivities like balloon racing!



My cheer squad

My cheer squad

Lula wanted to come too!

Lula wanted to come too!

Audrey’s friend Lauren, whom I’ve met a few times, was picking me up to take me to the start.  She was running the race too, her first half!  We chatted at the start line for a while, eyeing the clouds and praying the rain would hold off.  It was a really pleasant morning otherwise – definitely not as hot as Texas had been in April!  I told her I’d be taking pictures along the way and she laughed and said don’t bother to take any in the first couple miles – that we’d be running through west end and it just wasn’t pretty.  She was right.  But the support was great!  People were out on their porches and along the sidewalk cheering us on

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I had a great time running easily along the course.  Leading up to the race was filled with finals, some bouts of sickness and very little running so I was pleased to finish running the whole time.  It meant a million bucks to me to have the girls who’ve supported me since race #1 in 2008 there again for another state.  And then we got to play a little bit after…

I have some races lined up for the fall so expect to continue hearing from me!  Although not quite as frequently as my best efforts, I definitely won’t take 3 months off again.  What have y’all been up to?


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  1. I was wondering if you had just abandoned your blog for other venues. Welcome back! I ran the Derby 1/2 last year and loved it, mostly because it was the flattest course on the planet with the fewest turns, allowing me to PR the hell out of it. Plus the weather was ideal, so I couldn’t help myself.

    I ran my first ultra in early May (the Ice Age 50k), have been training for a 50-miler in August, which is sure to crush me, and have many fall races lined up. I’m also doing the Miami FULL Marathon in February! So yeah, plenty of excitement.

  2. HI! It was great to see you had written again, fun to read about your latest 1/2 marathon! Kentucky, that is so cool! Congrats on completing the race, running!

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