Tools of My Trade


Hi y’all!  I’m sorry for the week-ish hiatus from writing.  Last week was a big test week at school and this week Tiff, Erin and I have started a new training plan for my spring goals (SPEED!) and it wasn’t until today that I could even move my fingers to type something.  I am so sore everywhere from starting to lift weights again.  But it’s a good feeling 🙂

A few weeks ago, just before the marathon, a very dear childhood friend asked me to contribute a feature for her marketing blog.  Megan Stewart lived down the street from me in Indiana and we spent hours upon hours in various fantasy lands – her creativity and imagination was limitless and my childhood was brighter because of it 🙂  Now, she’s grown up and putting that creativity to good use with her husband at their very own marketing company – Paired Inc.

As a girl who hopes to own her own business someday, I find Megan and JK’s story inspirational.  They’re chasing their dreams by helping others design their own.  What a great job!

Check out the piece Megan helped me put together here and her other resources below:

Once Upon a Pie: Megan’s Personal Creativity Blog

Paired Inc.: Megan and JK’s business page

Paired Blog: Megan and JK’s blog for small businesses and entrepreneurs

If you’d like to be featured on her blog, she’s looking for more business owners and bloggers to feature on Tools of the Trade!  Send her an email –

See y’all soon 🙂


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