I arrived officially in Austin to live on August 16, 2012. I’ve compiled several categories of bucket lists for things to do here from suggestions made by friends and extensive research in the field and on the Internet.   I look forward to reporting the various adventures to y’all and please, if you have anything you’d like to add to the lists below, just leave a comment.

City through the trees.

Austin Monthly’s 26 Things to be The Ultimate Austinite
  1. Laugh hysterically at a master pancake show.
  2. Eat your weight in Chuy’s creamy jalapeno dip.
  3. Wait in line for two hours at Franklin BBQ.
  4. Honor Leslie every chance you get.
  5. Kiss a loved one on top of Mt. Bonnell.
  6. Know who the banana-bike guy is.
  7. Brave the elements at ACL Fest.
  8. Spend ridiculous amounts of time at Whole Foods.
  9. Sport odd tan lines on your feet.
  10. Survive SXSW.
  11. Get plucked from the crowd at Esther’s Follies.
  12. See the sunset at Tuscany at 360.
  13. Pronounce Guadalupe, Manchaca and more the “correct” way.
  14. Spot at least five of the city’s biggest celebs out and about.
  15. Win a round of chicken shit bingo.
  16. Become a master of the two-step.
  17. Ride your bike to work (or school!) for a week.
  18. Shake hands with Juan Meza.
  19. Protest at the capitol or city hall.
  20. Score tickets to an ACL taping.
  21. Take a picture with a longhorn.
  22. Race in the gorilla or red dress runs.
  23. Hula hoop at a bar or restaurant.
  24. Add a token to the cathedral of junk.
  25. Don’t flinch when you see a guy riding his bike in nothing but a thong.
  26. Eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert at food trailers.

My Austin Adventure List

  1. Run the entire Lake Austin Trail
  2. Spend some time out on the Lake – in a kayak, on a yolo board, with a rowing team, off a bridge.

    On a board!

  3. Go camping in Hill Country
  4. Get a dog
  5. Jog-a-dog
  6. Go to a Longhorns game
  7. Picnic, sun and swim at Hamilton pool
  8. Spend a Saturday evening at the Salt Lick
  9. Tube on the Comal or Guadalupe Rivers
  10. Eat gelato from Teo’s
  11. Embrace my birthday suit at Hippie Hollow
  12. Dance my ass off at Barbarellas
  13. Ride in a pedi-cab
  14. Experience the “Live Music Capital of the World” – see shows at Stubbs, Antone’s, Mohawk and Continental Club
  15. Browse the markets at First Thursday

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  2. We’re gonna dance that ass off at Barbarellas when I come back for xmas! And I’d like a Salt Lick night as well:) love ya, see you soon

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