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Happy Father’s Day!


Of course I ran today.  Because of the summer run streak.  Because it’s a Sunday and long runs happen on Sundays.  Because I had pizza last night.  Because the Chicago RNR Half Marathon is 5 weeks away.

Long run fuel – pizza and beer.

But most importantly because it’s Dad’s day and running is something we have done together (and apart) for more than 13 years now  (whoa, that’s a long time!)  Our running relationship has evolved over time and I’d say currently rests in a spirit of healthy and supportive competition (who has run the most half marathons?  Dad.  who has the fastest 5k time?  Me.  who has run the most days in a row? Me.  who has the fastest half marathon time?  Dad.  who has the most miles for the year?  Too close to tell.)  We’re constantly sharing stories of mishaps, personal bests and worsts (both of us recently in the 5k and half), accidents and new training plans.  We don’t always have the same training approach but we do love being out there.

After enjoying a Saturday night of family pizza at Greek’s Pizzeria in downtown Zionsville followed by a screening of The Avengers, we woke up with plans to run 8 miles on the Monon Trail.


The Monon is kind of like Indy’s version of the Memphis Greenline (or maybe the Greenline is Memphis’ version of the Monon).  I hope someday that the Greenline is as fantastic as the trail here.  It’s 16.7 miles long and connects downtown Indianapolis to several smaller towns north of the city (Broadripple, Carmel and Westfield).  There are bathrooms, parking lots, water fountains and shops throughout the length of the trail (something I hope happens eventually in Memphis).

Part of the Monon

The actual trail continues 6.7 miles further  north than shown in the map above.  We started at 96th Street and ran south into Broadripple for 4 miles.

Run 110/165

Location: Monon Trail – 96th street to 56th street

Distance: 8 miles


Weather Notes: Low 70s, moderate humidity (I wasn’t too uncomfortable – Dad was soaked by the end)

Other Notes:  I’m still working on my fast-out-of-the-gates problem so Dad helped to “slow my roll” at the beginning.  We started around 9:30 and slowly moved up in pace to 8:30 over the 8 miles.  I’m glad he did, we were able to push the last mile a little bit and I would rather feel like I have a push at the end than like I’m crawling to the finish line.  We swapped stories on what music we were listening to (Dad: Jimmy Buffet first, followed by the Eagles. Jess: Mix of chart-toppers and country – duh, good “bouncey” music and long haul music) and what we think about when we run (Dad: the music, calculating pace and miles, work, the kiddos, photography.  Me: my lactate threshold, VO2 max, why the same intensity feels harder by the end of the run, respiratory rate if you can’t tell, my summer classes are messing with my ability to zone-out on runs my music, Austin, Memphis and second-guessing big decisions).

Day 21

We enjoyed Mochas from Starbucks on the back deck after the run.  I feel great after that 8-miler.  I can’t remember the last time I ran that far without a break in between and it felt pretty good!

Father’s Day Froyo

We are all about treats on special holidays and so of course a trip for frozen yogurt happened this afternoon.  I’ve been working on school work and my Chicago race plan for most of the afternoon while dad and Nathan went golfing.  Mom even got in on the exercise and went for a walk and weights at LA Fitness!  We were all feeling like we deserved some cold froyo.

Dad and kids

We went to Yo Joy on Michigan Road (not the same as my beloved YoLo, but close!) and it was a first for all of us except Nathan.  Summer has me on some sort of a fruity kick so I chose the Lemon Ice Pie and Strawberry flavors of yogurt.  I’m also going through a phase where I think it’s vitally important to have toppings that match.  So today I put strawberries on my strawberry yogurt and coconut, graham crackers and Oreos on my lemon flavor (sort of like a graham cracker/Oreo crust for a pie).  Heavenly.  Yo Joy was also giving away Father’s Day treats – beef jerkey for dad and roses for the girls, sorry Nathan, nothing for you!

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!


Cold Front


Some kind of crazy weather front hit Memphis this morning.  I drove to work in 60 degree weather and left the gym about an hour ago in the high 40s.  And it’s only going to continue getting colder today!  So, I came up with the perfect remedy on my drive back: work from home today.  More specifically from the warmth beneath my covers!

I paused in the kitchen long enough to whip up a post-workout snack of Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt and frozen blueberries (the extra protein in the Greek yogurt is great after a strength workout!).

A Dynamic Duo

This snack was just what I needed after my morning workout today.  I rode for 30 minutes on the recumbent bike at a leisurely pace.  Leisurely, meaning I wasn’t working so hard I couldn’t enjoy the book I was reading!  But hard enough to get my legs warmed up and a little sweat going.  I followed that up with a TRX strength routine that emphasized my legs – a.k.a lots of squats and lunges.  Boy do I love those straps!

Indiana in the Fall

I moved to Memphis not only to return to my Southern roots but because of the milder weather (despite the temperatures today).  For the most part, the weather here agrees with me.  One of the big things I miss about Indiana though is the fall.  Memphis has had some incredible fall weather recently and I’ve raved over the way it makes me feel on a run.  But you just can’t beat the leaves and the colors of Indiana.  Enjoy a few pictures!

Morning at the Lake

It was 37 degrees when I took this photo....I'll take the colors, not the cold!

An old friend!

This is my good friend Daley.  We grew up playing softball and basketball together, taking the same classes and generally creating a little harmless mischief.  It’s always so good to come home to the people who you’ve known for years and find that no matter how much time has passed, you still have a great connection.  We laughed and chatted over a delicious brunch and made plans to see each other again over Christmas (which is right around the corner, did you know?!).

The running continues tomorrow with an assignment back on the track!  ONE MONTH UNTIL THE RACE!!

100th Post Confession and Giveaway!


I have to  get something off my chest…..I’m obsessed with YoLo.  Wait, you already knew that?  Well did you know that one of the reasons I first fell in love with this yogurt temple was not for the froyo (frozen yogurt abbreviation that I’ll use frequently – learn it)?  YoLo became my favorite self-serve froyo because of their dedication to local toppings like Lady Bugg Bakery cookie dough and banana bread, Dinstuhl’s chocolate syrup, Makeda’s butter cookies and my personal favorite GROOVY GRANOLA.  This is by far the best granola I have encountered in my quest for the best.  I like the little bit of salty taste at the end, and it comes in *TWO* varieties – plain and chocolate and I really like that it’s made in Memphis 🙂  I get this topping every single time I go to YoLo and wonder sometimes if they’ll get mad when I just fill my tub with the granola……(although recently I’ve discovered the coffee yogurt – DEELISHIOUS).



 How do you win?  Just leave a comment telling me anything about running in your life (even if it’s just running to the bathroom – or back for more fro yo – or that you simply hate it).  You have until tomorrow night and I’ll choose the winner!  And yay, for 100 posts!  Here’s to 100 more!