9 Down, 41 to Go!

I first got into running in July 2008 when I signed up for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon.  And as the chronic overachiever I am, yes, I ran a 26.2 mile race before I ran a 13.1 mile race……a little backwards but I thought hey, if I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do this big.

I was hooked on running after the first marathon although it took weeks for me to be able to run again….I wanted a way to incorporate running races into the rest of my life so I set a goal for myself to run a half marathon in every state and a handful of countries throughout the rest of my life.  I was saddened to realize this is not a novel concept in the running world – the next day I read an article in the Indianapolis Star about a man who had just completed his 50th race in Hawaii.  Then I discovered there’s an entire club dedicated to the pursuit of this not-so-unique dream.  I was even more shocked to discover several people who complete my lifetime dream in 50 days, running one race every day!  Dean Karnazes is one of them, and I’m proud to say fellow Rhodes Alum, Sam accomplished this feat while raising awareness about rebuilding New Orleans.  So, it has been done before.  It has been done bigger before (you’d be hard pressed to convince me to run a marathon 48+ more times….a half marathon is plenty far, thank you!).  It has been done faster before (I would love to try to do it in the race-a-day format but there are a few problems, with that – 1. it must be exhausting 2. it must be expensive 3. it certainly doesn’t leave time to explore the state or city I’m in….).  So, I’m not bothered that my goal is not the hardest, most challenging it could be.  I’m pleased that my love of traveling can unite with a love of running for a lifetime pursuit.

The lists below are races I’ve run, races I’m in training for and races selected to represent their state.  There are a few races I’ve run prior to starting this blog and so will have to backtrack to bring their stories to you.  I’m sure I’ll remember them much more glamorously than they actually occurred…….

1. St. Jude Memphis Marathon 2008

2. Dublin Half Marathon 2009

3. The Gauntlet Half Marathon – Killarney, Ireland 2009

4. ING Miami Half Marathon – 2010

5. Rock N Roll New Orleans Half Marathon – 2010

6. 13.1 Atlanta Half Marathon – 2010

7. Memphis Road Race Series Half Marathon – 2010

8. St. Jude Memphis Marathon – December 4, 2010

9. Indianapolis Mini Marathon – May 7, 2011

10. Timberline Half Marathon – June 4, 2011

11. Memphis Road Race Series Half Marathon – 2011

12. St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon – December 3, 2011 (story coming soon)

13. Livestrong Austin Half Marathon – February 19, 2012

14. Viking Half Marathon – March 31, 2011

15. Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon – July 22, 2012

16. St. Jude Memphis Half-Marathon – December 1, 2012.


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  1. Well??? Where are the comments and results for having finished 13.1 miles with 35,000 of our closest friends??…where are the results that indicate we actually ran 13.25 miles by sometimes being forced to take the outside line??….where are the “high fives” for what you thought was going to be a sucky race but finished in 1:53 something??…..never dropping below an 8:55 avg pace on any mile……never walking…..never giving up….digging deep for a “stong finish and last mile”…..doing all of that without having run more than 5 miles on a training run for 6 weeks??!?!…..and with only 1 Gu pak!! (no further comment on Gu or goo….don’t get me started…..)…..

    Congratulations on completing a great run for your 5th official half-marathon!!!!

    It was a treat to join you!!

  2. I find this blog funny. Not because of its content, but because you sound exactly like me. I know, I know, there are lots of runners out there. Seriously — check out my “About Me.” I think we both wrote the same descriptions, beat for beat. Kindred running spirits, perhaps.

    Anyway, congratulations on this epic goal. I hope we’re both successful in tackling a half in every state, because it’s no small feat. Good luck with each one – I’ll follow your progress!

    • Hi Dan! I looked at your blog and am encouraged by your progress! (Noticed that we share some races in different years AND the same Miami race in 2010!) I wish you luck too, and be sure to let me know when you pursue Tennessee – I’m going to insist you run Memphis, not because I’m biased but because it’s much less hilly…..

      • Ha — looks like we did both run Miami 2010. That race was awful, due to the oppressive humidity. I went back in 2011 and vindicated my efforts though, and I’ve already signed up for 2012. Love that race.

        Anyway, sounds like you have quite the Memphis bias. I’m going to have to ask you to give me a few more selling points on Memphis, such as, why Memphis and not Scenic City?

        • I’ll come up with some convincing points but the big one – how cool would it be for both of our stories/blogs to share a race and actually know it!

  3. Why Memphis?

    1) Central BBQ……….the one on Central Ave.

    2) Beale St….a fun part of the run and after the run.

    3) You’ll get to see Elvis….maybe several.

    Dan, if you think Miami was awful in 2010, you should’ve been here in Indy. I ran the race “virtually” at the same time with Jessica…she was in Miami, I was here in Indy where it was 6 degrees or something like that. Triple layers of running gear, double gloves, double head covering….some icy spots…but no humidity!! Virtual New Orleans in February wasn’t much better……

    • Hi! Great to have you here. If I had more time and money I’m sure I’d complete it a lot faster…but at this rate I’ll be 50 before I’m finished 🙂 Oh well, will keep me running for my whole life! And check out Dean Karnazes – he ran a marathon in every state in 50 days – talk about tough!

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