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Resting and Reflecting


Hi Friends –

I know you’re anxious for the story of Half-Marathon #10, State #6 – St. Jude Memphis Half-Marathon.  I am still reflecting on the race, reminiscing the good and the bad and trying to round all the best parts up into a coherent story.  Until then, here are some fun facts:

  • I met my goal and set a PR of 1:47:36 (Thanks for running with me Russ!)

The PR team.

  • I had so much fun with my runners and friends before, during and after.
  • St. Jude is still my favorite race – nothing like seeing familiar faces cheering you along and running through St. Jude’s Campus.
  • I definitely celebrated with some late-night dancing on Saturday.
  • Sunday was a lazy day spent watching Wedding Crashers and shopping for Christmas trees.

Harbert Tree!

  • Today I recovered by getting a sports massage and eating an entire Chick-fil-a meal, chocolate peppermint milkshake included.

Deadly and delicious

  • The rainy and cold weather in Memphis since yesterday reflects mine and the world’s feelings of post-race let down.
  • Everyone in the Pack finished the race too, and many set PRs!

Go Pack go!

Tomorrow I will emerge with a new plan, a return to healthy eating, a decorated Christmas tree and eventually a story of my thoughts on the race!


“Watch” Us Run


Tomorrow you can follow me and The Pack along certain points of the course!

All you have to do is click here, and enter in the name of the runner you want to check on!

Here’s a list of my group:

  • Becca Prillaman
  • Katherine Owens
  • Rohan Sood
  • Jennifer Larkin
  • Elizabeth Pillow Day
  • Russell Church
  • Kyle Eaton
  • Ada Cheng
  • Mary Kay Bartek
  • Michelle Mercado
  • Sharon King
  • Kim Johnson
  • Amy Raines

The website will give you our times at the 5k, 10k, 10-mile and finish line, as well as a prediction of our finishing time!  Remember my goal is to PR and be sub-1:50:00.  If you look me up, CHEER ME ON!  I’ll be able to feel it and it will keep me running!

St. Jude Half Marathon Eve


It’s here!  I have experienced an entire range of emotions today.  I’ve been nervous, excited, anxious, afraid, intimidated, inspired, fidgety and calm.  I’ve felt confident, underprepared, strong, fit and doubtful.  Time passed so slowly but I can’t believe I’m sitting here reflecting on sixteen weeks of training, three years of running “competitively” on the eve of my first St. Jude Half  Marathon.  Usually I spring for the big boy but decided I would on be half crazy this year.

It’s hard to explain to people how I feel.  No, it’s not my first race and yes, I’ve run further and harder races.  So what’s the big deal?  This particular race has a special place in my heart because it runs through the heart of my home – Memphis.  I’ll see neighbors, clients, friends and classmates on the course running and along the course cheering.  It was also this very race three years ago that quite possibly changed the scope of my life forever.  Nervous because no matter how much you prepare, you never really know how you’ll wake up (sick, sore, to rain, to storms….).  Excited because it’s like every other long run except traffic is controlled, the water is placed by someone else and people are cheering you on all the way.  Anxious because so much time, energy and effort has gone into the training, and the focus of the past 16 weeks is tomorrow.  Afraid I won’t get my goal.  Intimidated by the hills, the challenge that is a half-marathon (no matter how many times you’ve run the distance, it’s still a long way!) and the mental focus required.  Inspired by the thousands running with me, the few in my running group, the kids we’re running for.  Fidgety because I haven’t run or worked out hard since Wednesday.  Calm because all that’s left is sleep.

I am confident I will have a good race tomorrow.  Despite the weeks of training and successful road races, I feel underprepared.  I also feel strength in my legs and my mind.  I know I’m fit (it’s my job!) – it’s just convincing the doubtful voices of that tomorrow.  Most importantly – I am READY:

Prepared Pack: check!

The Pack!

Pre-Race Pizza: check!

Pizza from Trolley Stop

Outfits for tomorrow (including Gary and iPod with playlist charging): check!


All that’s left is to dream of my success, and then run!  Runners, remember it’s not a test, but a celebration of your hardwork and the sport and spirit of running.