Hey y’all!  Welcome to RUNMEM – a blog that follows me, Jessica, as I run through graduate school, traveling, work, Austin, races and life in general.

I first started blogging to document my travels and studies abroad  in Ireland and Europe during my senior year of college in 2009.  It was a way to keep my friends and family updated on my adventures across the pond (Skype wasn’t quite what it is today).  I enjoyed the story-telling aspect of the blog but the story ended when I returned to Memphis (but if you’re interested in it -you can explore my time on the Emerald Isle here).

The Emerald Isle

Then I graduated from Rhodes College and started a job as a personal trainer in Memphis.  I started blogging again, this time as a way to write about two of my favorite things – running and Memphis.  I have made it my life’s ambition to run a half-marathon in every state and wanted to have a place where all of those stories were in one collection.  Well, due to timing and budget constraints wasn’t able to run the races as often as I’d like which was averaging out to about one post every four months.  That’s no fun for you or me.  I didn’t become really consistent until about a year and a half ago when I trained for the St. Jude Half Marathon and used RUNMEM as a way to chronicle my speed training and motivate my personal training clients.

My Memphis Pack

Then, just this past spring I decided to go to graduate school.  In Austin.  What to do with the MEM part of the blog?  As I was thinking about how to carry the blog over to my new life, I threw around some new blog titles and even put together an Advisory Committee to help with the creative process.  Nothing clicked.  I just couldn’t let go of RUNMEM, and fittingly, on a my final long run in Memphis on my way down to Austin, I decided RUNMEM would stay with me in Texas.  Memphis is where it all started anyway.  My first long run.  My first marathon.  My first job at a gym.  First job as a trainer.  First introduction to this industry that I love so much.  I can’t just give that up.

So, RUNMEM still stands for those two things at their most basic level – Running and Memphis.  BUT the MEM has evolved a little.  And I’ve morphed it a bit to fit the current needs.

RUN: Obviously – I like to run.  It lets me feel a little less guilty as I drink my margaritas.  And I like to write about it.  Gear, excuses, busting excuses, new routes, races, other runners, stress relief, training.  I also like to talk to other people about running and so if you’re here, I hope you’ll talk to me about yours.  Do you run?  Do you wanna run?

That’s me in the white-t.

Miles: Travel.  I love to travel.  That’s what half of my life goal revolves around – making it to every state in the USA.  And when I’m rich someday (come on Texas oil heir) I’ll change that goal to every continent.

My favorite place in the world – Western Coast of Ireland.

Eating: Food.  My other love.  This part of the blog will include writings about restaurants, food trucks, tequila, froyo, proper nutrition for running and stories of the hilarity that ensues when I try to cook for myself.

Pizza and beer = perfect race fuel….

Muscles:  Fitness.  Strength training is an important part of any active lifestyle.  Here I’ll give workouts, tips and tales of my personal fitness endeavors, and how I take care of my muscles.

My Favorite Muscle-Worker – TRX!

So there you have it – the new plan for the blog.  I want it to be a happy, funny, educational and inspiring place where I can write about whatever I want.  I want it to be an information source for running, fitness and a general healthy lifestyle (since that is my educational and professional background) as well as a personal narrative of my own world of health.  I want to share the dreams I have of my perfect world (fro yo for breakfast everyday) and the stories of what actually goes on in my real world.

I hope you’ll stay a while and see what happens :).




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  2. Found your blog featured on the WordPress travel page. There is nothing better than the road beneath your feet and the wind in your hair! I love running, and would love to complete a half marathon one day. Right now I get out 4x a week for a 6.2k run in the mountains, and always in the morning. Morning runs make the day more enjoyable.

    You’ve found a new subscriber. I love your positive vibe and how you tell your stories. Nicely done.

    • Jennifer –
      I am so glad to have you – welcome! Morning runs are my favorite too, and how lucky you are to have mountains to run in! Sometimes I make it down to the Mississippi to run, but most of the time it’s just around the neighborhood.

  3. Austin is the best city of all time- so ready to get back! I kind of did the opposite of you and migrated to Arkansas for PT school, but I look forward to reading your posts about my original home town 🙂

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