Austin Bucket: Eat Your Weight in Chuy’s Jalepeno Dip


Last week when Popsicle was here, he mentioned going to a particularly famous Austin restaurant – Chuy’s.  One of his photography clients had recommended it to him and specifically to order the jalapeno dip and the mexican martini.  Well perfect.  That fits with task # 2 on my Austinite Bucket List.

Eat Your Weight in Chuy’s Jalapeno Dip.

Chuy’s TexMex

Chuy’s is a fun, casual texmex diner.  I went for the first time on my last trip here to visit girlfriends but had never been for the particular task at hand.  To try the jalapeno dip.  And then to follow through and eat my weight in it.  I couldn’t help it.  It was creamy and tangy and a little spicy with thin and salty chips.  Plus Pops and I were waiting for a friend to arrive so we just sipped our drinks, reviewed photos and ate our weight in this dip.

The Famous Jalapeno Dip

Dad also ordered the martini per the recommendation from his client and there was just a bit of spice but nothing to really get too excited about.  Except that it was a margarita.

Mexican Martini

It’s a very fun and laid-back atmosphere with so many things on the walls to look at.  There were hubcaps on the ceiling and paintings on all the walls.  And every Chuy’s has a shrine to Elvis, which made my little Memphis heart happy.

Hub Caps on the Ceiling

Elvis Shrine

The dip was definitely delicious, and if you like ranch, you will have no choice but to eat your weight in it.  I’m glad this task is out of the way….I can’t do that too often!

It’s a pretty low-key Thursday night here because today was so monumental – first day of class, secured a job with the fabulous Texas Running Company, cooked for the first time in my kitchen and now must rest these legs for tomorrow’s 13.1 task.  So glad it will be back in the 100s tomorrow……




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  1. I miss the jalapeno dip at Chuy’s! Here is something to add to your bucket list: spend a long Saturday evening at the Salt Lick (south location – BYOB and bring a card game), go tubing on the Comal river or the Guadalupe river and have some gelato (PB & Nutella and Salted Caramel are my favorite) at Teo’s. 🙂

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