Austin Bucket: Play on the Lake – SUP.


Morning Run

I slept in a bit this morning before heading out to try to re-create the Luke’s Locker route for my run this morning.  For the most part I was successful!  I got sprinkled on for the first two miles but it was light and felt great.  The hills were still huge 🙂  My legs were tired from last night’s free workout at the Texas Running Company (we did a lot of lunging, squatting, planking and burpee-ing) which I did instead of this morning’s free core workout at Luke’s.

After a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, I headed off for an Austin adventure.

Austin Bucket List: Spend some time on the lake

Earlier in the week I mentioned I joined a group of friends on the lake for my birthday.  We took advantage of an excursion deal through The Expedition School.  I still haven’t started classes yet so my daytimes are wide open, just begging for activity.  I decided to go back to the expedition school for an hour on the lake.

Playing it safe on our rears…..

So the main objective is to stand up on these surf-board-esque platforms and row yourself along.  It’s weird because the balancing thing is easier, just as hard and harder than it looks all at the same time.

And we’re up!!

Today I paddled from the dock west to the I-35 bridge and back.  I have no idea how far it was or how long it took but I’ll guess 30+ minutes.  I definitely worked up a sweat and could feel my legs working (to hold myself up), my core working (to brace each pull) and my arms/lats working (throughout the row motion).  Plus it counts as cardio!

Row, row, row!

When I went out with my friends, we did a lot of sitting and socializing – just enjoying being out on the water.  We also spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get good photos.  Once you’re up and balanced, getting yourself positioned for a photo, especially a group photo is extremely difficult.

Sitting with the city

Today I was not in the mood to just float so when I returned from my adventure paddle to the cove, I decided to be really ambitious and try some yoga on the board.  I’ve seen classes advertised for this but I thought I’d give it a shot on my own today.

I’m the one not in this photo


While I wasn’t able to do any of the poses in the above photo, I was brave enough to try a few things.  Here is the SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Workout I did.

Paddle about 30 minutes (to the I-35 bridge)

3 sun salutations (downward dog moving through the vinyasa)

30 second plank (x2)

Downward dog through the vinyasa and my brave soul came out and I went into a single-leg split, swinging through to runner’s pose.  Hey! I didn’t fall off!  Hands still on the board.  Repeat on other leg.

Brave soul spoke again – let’s try a warrior….

Downward dog through the vinyasa and into the splits, swing leg through to runner’s pose and here we go….lift those fingers up off the board, now your arms.  Torso off leg.  Don’t move, don’t breathe or blink.  Steady…..and arms back down.  Whew – survived the pose!  Repeat on other side.

Pushups – 2 sets of 10 regular pushups.  1 set of 15 regular pushups (as many as you can on your toes, then switch to knees).

I had a lot of fun experimenting on the board today – and actually it’s a little bit less scary with the water there because at least I’ll fall into that instead of crashing down onto the floor!  Maybe one day I’ll try a real class 🙂

What would you try if fear wasn’t an issue?


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