Cold Front


Some kind of crazy weather front hit Memphis this morning.  I drove to work in 60 degree weather and left the gym about an hour ago in the high 40s.  And it’s only going to continue getting colder today!  So, I came up with the perfect remedy on my drive back: work from home today.  More specifically from the warmth beneath my covers!

I paused in the kitchen long enough to whip up a post-workout snack of Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt and frozen blueberries (the extra protein in the Greek yogurt is great after a strength workout!).

A Dynamic Duo

This snack was just what I needed after my morning workout today.  I rode for 30 minutes on the recumbent bike at a leisurely pace.  Leisurely, meaning I wasn’t working so hard I couldn’t enjoy the book I was reading!  But hard enough to get my legs warmed up and a little sweat going.  I followed that up with a TRX strength routine that emphasized my legs – a.k.a lots of squats and lunges.  Boy do I love those straps!

Indiana in the Fall

I moved to Memphis not only to return to my Southern roots but because of the milder weather (despite the temperatures today).  For the most part, the weather here agrees with me.  One of the big things I miss about Indiana though is the fall.  Memphis has had some incredible fall weather recently and I’ve raved over the way it makes me feel on a run.  But you just can’t beat the leaves and the colors of Indiana.  Enjoy a few pictures!

Morning at the Lake

It was 37 degrees when I took this photo....I'll take the colors, not the cold!

An old friend!

This is my good friend Daley.  We grew up playing softball and basketball together, taking the same classes and generally creating a little harmless mischief.  It’s always so good to come home to the people who you’ve known for years and find that no matter how much time has passed, you still have a great connection.  We laughed and chatted over a delicious brunch and made plans to see each other again over Christmas (which is right around the corner, did you know?!).

The running continues tomorrow with an assignment back on the track!  ONE MONTH UNTIL THE RACE!!


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  1. Our weather has changed, too. This morning I will be wearing long pants instead of my usual shorts and I just put my gloves in the pack because it seems exceptionally cold.

    I made another batch of your chili last night. The boys were here and it was a hit! I did substitute the corn (due to my roommate having a special diet) for green beens.

    Love you! Hope you have a GREAT day!

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