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Week 11 Long Run: September’s 13.1


Prep for today’s half-marathon (not a race, just the distance) started yesterday morning with my easy bike ride and carb-heavy eating ūüôā ¬†I met the boys from work for pizza at Homeslice, an authentic New York pizza place on South Congress that I’ve heard about since the second I arrived. ¬†Surprisingly I’ve been here more than a month and despite at least 4 long runs, haven’t had any¬†pizza at all. ¬†It was time to change that!

Homeslice Pizza

Eating with two “elite” (in “” because I consider them elite, they would never call themselves that) athletes is a little bit of a challenge. ¬†J for one, is a semi-strictly paleo (future) triathlete champion, so pizza’s not on his list of foods he can eat. ¬†BUT the whole purpose of this trip to Homeslice was that pizza is his favorite guilty food and he was ready to ditch the caveman lifestyle for the night. ¬†Then there’s H, a gluten-free long distance speedster. ¬†And he’s not semi-strict, he’s all the way strict on the gluten. ¬†So I called Homeslice to see if they had any gluten free options, this is Austin after all.

Me: Hi, do y’all have any gluten free pizza?

Homeslice: Unfortunately we have alotta gluten in all of our pizzas.

Well shoot.  So the plan became for me and J to grab take out from Homeslice and walk it up to the South Congress trailer park where H would have to hope that he could rummage up some gluten-free food.  Taking out at Homeslice involves waiting in line to place your order at a walk-up window.  We were just ordering by the slice so our options were a little more limited than flavors of pies (pretty typical of by-the-slice places): cheese, pepperoni and margherita are available all the time and yesterday they also had a white slice with spinach and mushrooms and sausage.  I ordered margherita and an Amstel Light.

Homeslice Pizza

We sat on the curb with the other people devouring their slices and I sipped my beer while we talked a little bit about running and fitness, and a lot about our past two or three years of life. ¬†When our slices were ready (not a long wait at all), I had to down my beer (not allowed off the property) and we walked to the trailers. ¬†H managed to find some gluten free Indian food at Nomadosa (I can’t wait to go back and try it myself!) and we ate. ¬†J wasn’t quite satisfied so he found a trailer with some jambalaya and fries (semi-strict remember…) – oh to be a man.

It was a pleasant night so we sat around the picnic tables for a while telling stories of mischief and training and continuing to get to know each other. ¬†They’re good guys, and I’m thinking will be a positive influence on my training – lots of knowledge in those heads.

Long Run

I was ready to go this morning. ¬†Pizza and beer in the belly, legs rested and mind prepped for 13.1 miles on the road and Gary with me, I hit the road a little after 7. ¬†I took the Shoal Creek Trail down towards the lake. ¬†I’ve heard about this “hike and bike” trail and thought it was about time to check it out. ¬†It’s partly paved, partly very rocky and I was glad I had never tried to ride my bike home on this trail before! ¬†Definitely mountain bike material, possibly hybrid bike but I’m not gonna be the one to try it! ¬†I enjoyed the trail on foot though – the terrain was different than the lake trail and I liked crossing under all the bridges.

Rough Trail!

Running towards downtown and along the lake was wonderful Рdown hill and flat!  Then I knew I would have to climb back up the incline to get home.

Those Last 3…..

The first ten miles felt fantastic – I watched my pace closely on Gary and was surprised when “easy” was sub-9.

Avg Pace
Summary 1:56:24.6 13.12 8:53
1 8:49.4 1.00 8:50
2 8:32.6 1.00 8:33
3 8:32.1 1.00 8:32
4 8:20.6 1.00 8:21
5 8:34.8 1.00 8:34
6 8:10.8 1.00 8:10
7 8:18.2 1.00 8:18
8 8:20.0 1.00 8:20
9 8:52.8 1.00 8:52
10 8:43.6 1.00 8:43
11 9:58.1 1.00 9:58
12 10:49.4 1.00 10:49
13 9:20.0 1.00 9:20
14 1:02.2 0.12 8:57

You can see I started to feel it around mile 9 when my average pace dropped significantly – and then at 11 I hit the hills. ¬†I’m pleased with how well the first ten went, but still have a lot of work to do! ¬†It took 1:56:24 and I need to shave 9 minutes off that for a PR and 11 for the big, fast goal…..10 weeks to go!


I was so thirsty when I got home, I drank two big glasses of ice water first. ¬†I also was pleasantly surprised when I found a frozen chocolate milk carton in the freezer – it was like a milkshake was waiting for me. ¬†My stomach doesn’t tolerate solid food very well for the first hour so I’ve gotten in the habit of sucking down a serving of 1% chocolate milk (sometimes when it’s cold, I’ll go for a mocha or hot chocolate – but that hasn’t happened here yet) and then taking a nap on the couch.

By the time my nap’s done, I’m pretty hungry and today I feasted.

  • One serving steel cut oats with pumpkin mixed in (plus cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice)
  • 2 eggs scrambled with spinach and salsa
  • Bowl of fruit: watermelon, blueberries and strawberries
  • Cup of black tea, serving of V8 juice, glass of water

Steel cut oats with pumpkin (it’s fall – even if the temps are 90!)

I don’t have a microwave so I’ve started making steel cut oats and I love them! ¬†They don’t take too much longer and I like their taste better. ¬†Just boil 3/4 c water or milk and add 1/4 c oats and simmer until the thickness matches your preference – takes less than ten minutes!

Scrambled eggs, spinach and salsa

For the protein!  Plus I like a little savory with my sweet oatmeal.

Plethora of beverages: V8, water, tea

Lots of fluids – water obviously, tea because usually when I’m up from my nap I’m pretty chilly post-run and V8 because I love veggies! ¬†All the drinks aren’t even pictured! Don’t forget the immediately post-run chocolate milk ūüôā

Phew – big morning here in Austin, TX. ¬†Now I have to be a student again…..

Happy Sunday!


Foodie Friday – Hey Cupcake!


It’s time we talk sweets! ¬†I am not one of those health freaks (although I admire your determination) who can swear off sugar or sweet treats. I did it once for an entire month and no one liked me because of the crank I turned into. ¬†As I learn what kind of life I want to lead, I know I want to be able to enjoy a sinfully sweet dessert on occasion – thank goodness I like to run!

Hey Cupcake! Trailer

South Congress Trailer Park

Hey Cupcake!

I’ve known about this trailer for years. ¬†My friend Lyndsay sent me a picture of it once because I used to be a cupcake-making queen in college (at one point declaring I was going to have my own place, appropriately called “Sprenkels Cupcakes”….someone beat me to that.) ¬†Finally I went to check it out. ¬†This sweet trailer is credited by Austin Monthly for starting the food trailer madness here. ¬†It’s a cute, almost vintage-looking trailer with a gigantic spinning cupcake on top. ¬†If the cupcake’s turnin’ you know they’re open for business.

When the cupcake spins, they’re open!

There are several locations around town and even an actual building store (as opposed to a trailer). ¬†They have a pretty basic menu – if you’re looking for really exotic or changing flavors, this place might not be for you. ¬†But for a damn good, simple cupcake this is the place. ¬†They’ve got all the classics like white on white, white with chocolate, double chocolate, chocolate with white, carrot cake, red velvet and a new pumpkin flavor (probably because they’ve heard fall is coming too….). ¬†There are gluten free varieties too! ¬†I chose the carrot cake.

Filled with nuts!

It was fabulous! ¬†There was just the perfect amount of cream cheese icing on top of a very nutty and slightly spiced pumpkin cake. ¬†An excellent choice. ¬†They also serve coffee, milk and bottled water. ¬†The night I was there, a cowboy was sitting on some milk crates playing his guitar right next to the patio tables where we were sitting. ¬†He sang a wide range of things from Johnny Cash to Willie Nelson. ¬†Despite the heat, we stayed for a few songs under the bubble lights and I couldn’t help but wonder what his story is.

Live Cowboy Music

If you wanna try a cupcake, sign up for their e-mailing list and you get a buy one, get one coupon!  Get more info on their website Рwww.heycupcake.com.

What flavor would you choose?! ¬†Happy Friday ūüôā

Foodie Friday – Hopdoddy


Happy Friday y’all! ¬†Popsicle is here – with the Penske truck and all my “shtuff” (shit/stuff) as he likes to call it. ¬†Let me just say, we have our work cut out for us tomorrow….second floor apartment + tons of shtuff = sweat + sore calves + firm jet packs. ¬†I took him to the lake trail this morning to do the MoPac to Congress loop and he said it was a nice change of pace from the rail trail. ¬†Lots of people were out enjoying the trail around the lake. ¬†Pops commented on the heat and humidity, apparently he’s been running in long sleeves recently…..we’re taking a brief pause before heading to the campus later so I can register for classes (that’s what I’m in Austin for after all, sometimes I forget amidst all the outdoor fun) and some touristy fun this afternoon!

Hopdoddy Burger Bar


Earlier in the week I went with Kokes and Kelly to Hopdoddy Burger Bar on South Congress for dinner. ¬†I’ve obviously never been there, and neither had the two girls so it was exciting for all. ¬†It has a unique set-up. ¬†First, we waited in a long line (it extended outside the building and around onto the sidewalk) before letting the hostess know how many we had. ¬†Party of 3 please. ¬†Then we were ushered inside to the drink line where we ordered and paid for our drink. ¬†Margarita please.

Our next stop was the burger line.  The brilliance behind having a drinky drink while we waited to place our order still gets to me.  Pure. Genius.  We placed our burger orders and by then had been assigned a table number and went to sit down.   The menu is extensive and has vegetarian options as well.  I opted for the Greek Burger Рa lamb burger with feta, cucumbers, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce.

The Greek Burger

The lamb burger was juicy and flavorful and I loved the creamy and fresh taste of the yogurt sauce.  The bun had a lot of seeds on it which was great by me, I like some crunch in my bread.  We shared the thin and crispy fries, which were excellent dipped in the yogurt sauce.

Me and Kelly

If you’d like to go there, I highly recommend it! ¬†They have beer as well as other mixed drinks or if you’re not in the mood for alcohol, a wide variety of milkshakes are available. ¬†We just didn’t have room left after we ate our entire trays of burgers…..

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

1400 S Congress Avenue

Austin, TX 78704