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Weekly Workouts – Fun on the Lake Trail


We made it to the middle of the week y’all!  Today’s workout developed from a little feeling of boredom I developed with the Lake Trail.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the trail and the lake but sometimes just running laps can get a little boring.

So today I decided to run the Pfluger pedestrian bridge to the South First bridge (about 1.5 miles) but with a few extra rules….

  1. Run the lap twice
  2. Sprint the bridges
  3. Flights of stairs must be climbed three times before moving on (at least 3 flights on the loop = 18 flights of stairs)

After the two laps, I finished with an old favorite from my Memphis boot camp “Finishers!” (who misses those?!)  Two moves to this one – squats and pushups.  Start at ten for each and work your way down one at a time until you get to 0.  Tough stuff!

If you don’t live in Austin, or have access to multiple flights of stairs you can head to a local track with stadium stairs or improvise with one minute of high knees every .75 miles.

Good luck, and as always let me know if you try something!

Sleep tight everyone 🙂