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One Final Day of Summer


August 29.  The first day of classes at the University of Texas.  For most students.  Normally, I will have class from 10-noon on Wednesdays but because Austin is all play and no work, my Monday and Wednesday class is cancelled until September 10.

Which makes today THE LAST DAY OF SUMMER!

Once classes get rolling I’m not sure I’ll be able to run at the lake or other trails as often as I’d like to because of the logistics of getting to campus so I thought today I’d go one more time.  I’ve been trying to use the public transportation here as of yesterday so I hopped on the bus early this morning to head to Town Lake for an easy jog with a friend (she’s having allergy problems and drank too much wine last night….).  We ended up going about 2.8 miles before she had to get back for work – which was just fine with me since I’m planning on doing my long August run on Friday!

I rushed nowhere today and enjoyed lazily removing boxes and trash from the apartment.  It’s coming along!  Most of the dishes are cleaned and in the cabinets, the kitchen surfaces are clear, boxes removed and shtuff just generally stacked and organized.  I had so much space today I was able to enjoy lunch sitting down at my table instead of standing in a tiny spot at the kitchen counter.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a homemade meal and thought today’s was pretty inspired.  I stuffed a wheat pita with spinach, feta, garlic hummus, tomatoes and cucumbers.  I also had some carrots and celery on the side while I chopped the veggies.  My first official sit-down, home-cooked meal!

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So the rest of my day includes trying to figure out the bus routes to my most important destinations (school, potential worksites, friends, the lake, etc.) and I know so far that a lot of waiting is involved.  Which leaves a lot of time for getting deeper into my new book The American Heiress.

American Heiress – Guilty 19th Century Pleasures

Happy middle of the week!


Will Run for Tacos


(Pics of the apartment progress scattered throughout!!)

This morning I returned to the Luke’s Locker Tuesday morning Taco run.  It’s about a ten minute drive from my new place so had to get up just a little earlier, but I’m always glad I went (especially when free food running is involved).  The same fearless lean-leader greeted us and reviewed the route for newcomers (again only one person raised their hand…liars).  I am not a newcomer, and I knew the route.  I said hi to my new friend from last week (Richard or Jason, I’m not sure!) and then we were off.

The Very First Before

I did my best to hang with the lead pack (my goal for Tuesday is to eventually be able to stay with the lead pack the 4.5 miles, and the BIG Tuesday goal is to eventually be able to stay with the lead pack for the entire 7 mile loop.) and fared better than last week when I lost complete sight of them at the first mountain hill on 11th street.  This week I didn’t lose complete sight of them until after the Capitol building!

Everything’s In!

I had Gary with me (reunited at last! Found his charger in the boxes) and we stuck to an 8-8:30 pace for most of the time I was with the lead group.  I dropped to just under 9 after the second big hill.  I could feel the fatigue in my legs from yesterday’s creek-bed adventure run and still am just completely wiped out by those hills!

This Morning’s Progress.

When I finished the loop, Richson (ha, combined em both) was waiting there.  I had been in front of him and he never passed me so I asked him if he cheated again (he’s the same boy who last week cut the lake part of the route off).  And indeed he did. We hung around to wait for the tacos, talking about the upcoming UT football game, how we both had friends who were supposed to meet us at the run and bailed and planned to again see each other next week, although I told him I wasn’t sure because I have an 8am class on Tuesdays.  Not sure people would appreciate my sweaty self.

Empty boxes…

I grabbed one more cup of water before heading out and lean-leader spoke to me (what an honor).

Easier time this week?  Yes, but those hills still get me.

Soon they’ll be flat.  Bullshit (not actually said outloud).  I’ve been doing this run every week for almost 2 years now and it took about a month until I didn’t even notice the eleventh street hill.  Oh, then I’ve only got two or three weeks left, excellent.

Current progress!

And we’ve got showers and lockers here so feel free to use them after your run.  Well, guess that class excuse is out.

That’s ok, more free tacos 🙂


St. Jude Half Marathon Training Plan: Week 14 Plan


Morning Run

I initiated my new shoes this morning with a buggy run around the lake with Pops.  It was 80 degrees when we started at 6:30 and the bugs were out in packs.  Like running through those black clusters of bugs you see in cartoons.  It was great to have my favorite running partner in town for two runs, and we managed to have some fun in between sweat sessions of running and moving.  Somehow we came away with no photos of either of us….

I’ve got the move behind me.  After 30+ flights of stairs yesterday, moving who knows how many pounds of shtuff (my shoulders and traps certainly are sore) and buckets of sweat, everything is in my very first apartment.  We had great help from the girl who lived there before me and her fiancee, a wonderful example of the friendliness of this city.  Everything was out of the truck and into the apartment within an hour.  And like I said earlier, moving sucks and I’m never doing it again (but so grateful for all the help!)

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All that being said, it’s a miracle I squeezed 26 miles in last week.  But it kept me sane.  I dropped the speedwork focus and have lost the regularity of my strength training but know that I will work it back in.  This week my runs will come back to being a little bit more focused on the goal (December 1, St. Jude Half Marathon in Memphis – PR time of sub 1:45) but still not yet have the structure they did before I embarked on this Texas trip.

26 Miles

Week 14 Schedule

Monday: Morning Run on a new trail with an old friend!

Tuesday: Taco Run! (will attempt tempo run) and Core Workout

Long Run: Not sure which day but I need to run my August Half-Marathon distance.

Hills: I have some big hills by my apartment and I’d like to tackle a.k.a. Red River Road…..

So…we’ll see how all of that goes.  I know I can manage to squeeze four runs and a core workout in between classes and job interviews.  Now where to put the tequila?! 🙂

Hope y’all had a great weekend – it’s time for my real (a.k.a. not living on the fly) Austin life to begin!