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It’s Not About Lance


Hey y’all!  I was up to run this morning with my friend Madeline – we trekked it up and down the hills of Red River and weaved our way through downtown, letting the traffic lights control our route.  I went 5.5 miles at pretty close to race pace (just under 10 minute miles).  This will be my last run for the week until the big 30K on Sunday (18.6 miles!).

I want to address an issue that has been raising a lot of questions in my personal life about my continued fundraising for Livestrong.  Most of you are probably generally aware of Lance Armstrong’s interview last week with Oprah.  I’m not sure what coverage was like in your towns but it seems that everyone here is pretty much over it.  My conditioning class addressed the interviews because his data is actually the base of a lot of theories we study. But generally there’s very little talk about it, or him.

People have been asking me this question since he admitted his cheating:

So will you continue to fundraise for Livestrong even after all of this?

It’s a valid question I believe.  Yes, the charity’s image has been tainted by the dishonesty and harmful actions of its founder.  Rumors and suggestions that he used the foundation to better his image and defend his character are all over the place.  But regardless of his intentions or his confessions or his character flaws, the charity provides a service to cancer patients and their families that tends to be overlooked in fundraising circles.  Most cancer money goes towards research and finding a cure.  A fantastic cause.  But what about helping families find insurance companies that will help pay for chemotherapy?  Or helping cover payments for travel for treatments?  That’s the kind of work Livestrong does.

So my answer is:

Yes, I will continue my fundraising efforts for Livestrong.

I will continue to wear the yellow bracelet that has inspired me through countless marathons and half marathons.  I will still run in the Livestrong Marathon on February 17.  I will probably be decked out in black and yellow on race day.  And I will continue to raise money for the foundation.  I like supporting local charities, and this one is no exception.



All that being said, I understand if you don’t want to donate.  But if you do, here is the link!  LIVESTRONG.  Thank you to those of you who have already contributed 🙂  Your support will absolutely help get me through those 26.2 miles in just 3 and a half weeks!

Did you watch the interviews?  Where do you stand on the issue?


Celebrate my 1,000 miles with me!


On Tuesday of this past week, I hit 1,000 miles running for the year!  I set that goal 343 days before achieving it, on New Years Day 2012.  It seems a daunting goal but really the only things you need are determination, consistency and commitment (and a few pairs of running shoes…).  All things that come from within you.  It was certainly not a goal I could cram in the last 3 months of the year so required my commitment to running to last throughout the year.  Through the cold months of January and February.  The rainy season of March and April.  Moving month of May.  Summer school in June and July.  Moving again in August and the heat and humidity of Texas.  School in September and socializing in October.  The holidays of November and December.  Bad runs, good runs, injuries, fatigue, sweat, intervals, skipped runs, Mississippi, Oklahoma, California, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, Texas, Mexico.  .25 miles to 15 miles.

So what now?  I was hoping to take the rest of the year off but then I remembered this big looming task of running 26.2 miles in the February Austin Livestrong Marathon.  Two years ago, after a horrible second marathon experience in Memphis, I swore I would never run another one.  I was defeated.  Slowly, as time passed, “never” turned to “one more” – you can’t end a marathon career on a bad experience.  I took some time to focus on half marathons and speed, running my half marathon PR at last year’s St. Jude Half Marathon, also in Memphis.

I’m currently located in Austin, Texas, working on a Sports Science and Nutrition masters at UT.  “One more” turned into “am currently training for” just a few weeks ago when several classmates put some pressure on to run the Austin Full Marathon in February.  But if I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it for a good cause.

In the past I’ve always supported St. Jude, my then hometown children’s research hospital.  This time around I’d like to support a new cause, in the heart of the city I currently live.

LIVESTRONG serves people affected by cancer and empowers them to take action against this disease that is now the world’s leading cause of death. LIVESTRONG has become a symbol of hope and inspiration to people affected by cancer around the world.

Support LiveSTRONG with me!

The money I raise will go to support programs and services, which inspire and empower people affected by cancer. If you or someone you know is diagnosed, these resources will help face the challenges of cancer, head on, and live life on your own terms. LIVESTRONG.org/GetHelp

I’ll be celebrating today by cashing in a birthday gift certificate on a much needed massage this afternoon.  You can celebrate my accomplishment this year with me today by donating a small amount to this champion cause.  Click here for my fundraising page.  My goal is to raise $500 for the charity.  You’ll be supporting my continued training (and trust me, I need all the help I can get, the hills here are brutal) and those affected by cancer. I know we all have been.  Thank you!!

Run to Fight Cancer


You running a half marathon!

You fighting cancer!

You in New Orleans!

New Orleans 2013

So you want to run your first (or twenty-first!) half marathon?  I’ve got a great way for that to happen for you (if you live in the city of Austin that is).  I am so excited to share my new part-time position as a DetermiNation half-marathon coach!

DetermiNation is the fundraising team for the American Cancer Society, a fabulous non-profit organization working to find cures for cancer.  Join the team today to start training for a half or full marathon.  I’ll help you cross the finish line and change the course of cancer forever.   The training and exercise you’ll get will even help reduce your own cancer risk – and the money you raise will help save lives from all forms of cancer.

My Team!

The benefits of training with a DetermiNation team are incredible (and I’m not just sayin’ that) depending on your fundraising target:

  • Guaranteed race registration
  • Weekend trip to New Orleans, including flight, hotel and team celebrations


  • In-person training designed to fit your lifestyle
  • Weekend group training sessions – designed by experienced coaches
  • Advice and support from ME, other mentors and fellow team members

Fun with Teammates!

  • VIP race weekend amenities, including access to the team tent, course support and a team pasta party
  • An official t-shirt (tech shirt!).  And after all, it’s all about the t-shirt.

Sound like something you’d like more info on?  I’d say so too.  There are some info sessions coming up in the Austin area:

10:30 AM Saturday, October 13 at REI Gateway

6:00 PM Tuesday, October 16 at Luke’s Locker downtown

6:00 PM Thursday, October 18 at American Cancer Society (2433 Ridgepoint Dr)

6:00 PM Tuesday, October 23 at Austin Public Library

7:00 PM Wednesday, October 24 at REI Round Rock

6:30 PM Tuesday, October 30 at McCormick and Schmick’s at the Domain

What to do now – contact me at runmem1@gmail.com or through the comment section here to let me know if you’d like to attend one of the information sessions!

If you can’t make it to the info sessions above, don’t let that be your excuse!  Contact me with any questions you have about running, this race, the fundraising process or Team DetermiNation.

I ran my first marathon just four years ago and it drastically changed the course of my life (for the better!) and I would love to share the joy, power, inspiration and fun that comes from it with YOU!

If you’re not in the Austin area, search for a team near you – DetermiNation is a national team as well! If you are in the Austin area, I hope to hear from you soon!  Training starts in just a few weeks 🙂