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Foodie Friday – Hey Cupcake!


It’s time we talk sweets!  I am not one of those health freaks (although I admire your determination) who can swear off sugar or sweet treats. I did it once for an entire month and no one liked me because of the crank I turned into.  As I learn what kind of life I want to lead, I know I want to be able to enjoy a sinfully sweet dessert on occasion – thank goodness I like to run!

Hey Cupcake! Trailer

South Congress Trailer Park

Hey Cupcake!

I’ve known about this trailer for years.  My friend Lyndsay sent me a picture of it once because I used to be a cupcake-making queen in college (at one point declaring I was going to have my own place, appropriately called “Sprenkels Cupcakes”….someone beat me to that.)  Finally I went to check it out.  This sweet trailer is credited by Austin Monthly for starting the food trailer madness here.  It’s a cute, almost vintage-looking trailer with a gigantic spinning cupcake on top.  If the cupcake’s turnin’ you know they’re open for business.

When the cupcake spins, they’re open!

There are several locations around town and even an actual building store (as opposed to a trailer).  They have a pretty basic menu – if you’re looking for really exotic or changing flavors, this place might not be for you.  But for a damn good, simple cupcake this is the place.  They’ve got all the classics like white on white, white with chocolate, double chocolate, chocolate with white, carrot cake, red velvet and a new pumpkin flavor (probably because they’ve heard fall is coming too….).  There are gluten free varieties too!  I chose the carrot cake.

Filled with nuts!

It was fabulous!  There was just the perfect amount of cream cheese icing on top of a very nutty and slightly spiced pumpkin cake.  An excellent choice.  They also serve coffee, milk and bottled water.  The night I was there, a cowboy was sitting on some milk crates playing his guitar right next to the patio tables where we were sitting.  He sang a wide range of things from Johnny Cash to Willie Nelson.  Despite the heat, we stayed for a few songs under the bubble lights and I couldn’t help but wonder what his story is.

Live Cowboy Music

If you wanna try a cupcake, sign up for their e-mailing list and you get a buy one, get one coupon!  Get more info on their website – www.heycupcake.com.

What flavor would you choose?!  Happy Friday 🙂


Foodie Fridays – Food Trucks, Torchy’s Tacos


Here’s an attempted revival of my Foodie Fridays.  I don’t think it’s unrealistic to try to eat at a new Austin restaurant once a week and on Fridays I’ll share that choice with y’all.  SO today is the first installment.

Austin has a HUGE food truck business.  Business?  Culture?  Industry?  I’m not sure the proper term but anyway, the food trucks seem to be around every corner.  Some stand alone, some are in clusters. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and drinks.  All kinds of food too.  TexMex.  Thai.  Sandwiches.  Chicken.  Pretty much if you want it, there’s a truck for it.  It’s just a matter of finding it.  There are hundreds, possibly a thousand+.  And I ate at one last night!

Torchy’s Tacos – South First Trailer Park

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There are a few trailers to pick from at this park but I went straight for the tacos.  Only appropriate for my first real meal here.  Koko and I split an order of chips and guacamole.  The guacamole should have been called “giant slices of avocado with something spicy mixed in”.  And that’s not a complaint.  I love avocado and the chunkier consistency of the guacamole was awesome.  The chips were thin and lightly salted to perfection.

My taco of choice was the chicken fajita which included big chunks of fajita-seasoned chicken with grilled peppers and onions on top.  There was just the right amount of cheese on top.  Combined with the chips, one was plenty.  I liked the atmosphere of the trailer park.  We sat under a big tree at a picnic table and although it was mighty hot outside I wasn’t miserable.

I’m going to do some research to see if it’s completely unrealistic to try to eat at every single food truck before I graduate……forget the running goal, let’s make my life’s ambition about eating 🙂

Happy weekend y’all!