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Texas Running Company Workout and Fun Run


A few days late on this one – here is the core workout from Tuesday’s 6:30 pm class.

Cardio Warm-up

10 burpess (no pushups today!)

20 mountain climbers in

20 mountain climbers out

10 double plank hops in

10 double plank hops out


25 body weight squats

15 each Rear leg elevated squat (prop one leg up behind you on a bench or chair, the other leg does the squatting work)

20 single-leg windmills

12 alternating lateral lunges

12 alternating rear lunges

12 alternating forward lunges with twist


30 crunches (shoulderblades only)

20 bicycles (each leg, that is!)

30 toe touches (legs extended to ceiling, hands reach for toes)

20 reverse crunches (just hips and legs move)

15 side plank hip drops L

15 plank leg lifts L

15 side plank hip drops R

15 plank leg lifts R

40 Russian twists

30 bicycles

15 cross body crunches R

20 reverse crunches

15 cross body crunches L

10 Leg lifts

Partner planks with high fives – 100!

This was a quick workout focusing mostly on abs – had to take it easy on the arm work (pushups..) because of sore wrists…..

Tonight there’s a fun event happening at the store – PEDICAB KARAOKE!  I’ve heard about it but have never experienced it and can’t wait to share the fun with y’all within the next few posts.  Enjoy the burn in your abs after this one!



Slow Morning


Mornin’ Y’all.  I’m a little slow-moving today since I stayed up to watch the Grizzlies play against the Clippers last night.  Around 12:40 I couldn’t take all the fouling anymore so I went to bed, hoping I’d wake up to better news than the last time I went to bed in the middle of a game (Game 1….).  Not the case.  Oh well, they have to win three in a row now – tough, but if anybody can, it’s TA and is gang.

I just finished up a big cup of coffee and a bowl of some kind of Raisin Bran-ish cereal (apparently my family no longer keeps the cereal bags in their boxes….) and have been trying to figure out my gym plan for the day.  I’m thinking I’ll do another 30 minute run with some Fartlek intervals, sandwiched by ten minutes of plyometrics.

10 Minute Jump Rope Routine 

Perform each move in the pair for 30 seconds.  In between pairs complete 60 seconds of regular, 2-feet jumps.

60 seconds regular jump

30 seconds each: high knees/butt kicks

60 seconds regular jump

30 seconds each: single-foot hops R/L

60 seconds regular jump

30 seconds each: side to side/front to back (2 feet)

60 seconds regular jump

30 seconds each: double jump (rope passes under feet two times)/cross-arms in front of body

60 seconds regular jump

30 seconds each: jumping jacks/scissors

Rest for 5 minutes before moving on to this treadmill routine.

30 minute Fartlek Running Routine 

I included my personal treadmill speeds, adjust to your difficulty level.

Run 5 minutes at a moderate/comfortable pace (7.2) and 1 minute at an uncomfortable/race pace (8.5/8.6)

Repeat 4 times (total of 5) for 30 minute routine.

Rest for 5 minutes before moving on to the Plyometric/Core routine.

10 Minute Plyometric/Core Routine

Then to finish (to mimic pushing hard through the end of a race) perform each of the following moves for 30 seconds with as little rest between moves as possible.  Repeat the entire circuit one time (total of 2)

High Knees

Double Crunch (same elbows to knees)

Butt Kicks

Butt Ups

Jump Squats

Bicycle Crunches

Jumping Jacks

Plank Jacks

Mountain Climbers

Plank Hold


Repeat once.

See what kind of creative, kick-ass genius can happen over a cup of coffee?  I’m about to go test this workout on myself and will be sure to report back later (if I survive).  Enjoy your day and be sure to let me know if you give this a shot!  (Even if it’s just one of the components!)