Foodie Friday – Tasty Towns


Just 9 days to the big race!!  Safe to say I’m going a little mad…..I’m ready for it to be here (mostly I’d just like to know what the weather will be like….)  I did an easy 5 miler yesterday and today will Spin for an hour at school.  A best friend from high school has been staying with me all week (she’s in town for a work conference) and this afternoon we’re out to explore the town!

No recipe today for Foodie Fridays (you’ll see one later this weekend – gotta keep up with the cooking resolution!) but did want to share a link for a fun contest!  Southern Living magazine is polling to see which southern town has the tastiest food and both of my towns, Austin and Memphis, made the list!

Memphis, home to fine dining establishments like Iris and Sweetgrass and finger-lickin’ joints like Gus’ Fried Chicken and Rendezvous (though Central BBQ is a Sprenkel household favorite!).

Memphis Soul Food

Austin, home to food trucks, breakfast tacos and so much TexMex.  My stomach certainly hasn’t been deprived since I moved further south!

Austin rocks the food scene

Check out the link below to see a list of other Southern towns in the fight and then vote (up to once a day!) for your favorite town!  If you can’t call one of these towns home, maybe you have a favorite restaurant or food memory from one!

As for me, I’ll never tell if the breakfast tacos overcome my love for Central BBQ….  🙂




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