Taco Tunesday – Running Up That Hill


Good morning!  Despite a late night getting the apartment ready for our first houseguest today (best friend and basically my twin from high school), I was up at 5:30 to meet friends at the taco run.  I ran with Madeline most of the time at a pretty easy pace for the 7.3 miles.  We discussed cutting it short at the 4.5 mile bridge (her legs were tired from a long run Sunday, and I’m having gastrointestinal issues, probably related to some dairy I had over the weekend…) but pushed on to the 7.3.  We ultimately decided that we got up early and had already invested the 4 miles, what was 3 more?  And we were glad to have finished the long route 🙂

I also need to tell you about Sunday’s long run.  I met Madeline again, and Tiffany and Brandon to run the second half of the Livestrong Marathon Route.  I’m pretty familiar with the first half because I ran it last year and have done a few training runs on it this year.  However I wasn’t sure I had any familiarity with the second half, also rumored to be the hillier half.  So we organized a point to point 14.2 mile route to check out those hills.  There were definitely some rollers that were tough at 3 miles in, and will certainly be tough when they appear at 16ish miles…..but that’s all part of the challenge 🙂

Did them.

Did them.

In honor of Sunday’s run, and the upcoming marathon (12 days…OMG!) today’s song is an appropriate hill anthem.  Aside from the lyrics, the music goes great with a steady-state hill climb kind of cadence.  Each beat just pushes you to the next step on the incline.

Running Up That Hill – Placebo.

I’d be running up that road, running up that hill, running up that building…

Happy Tuesday!  (Don’t forget those new and/or resolved resolutions!)


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