Motivation Monday


Hi y’all – little late start to this Monday post but maybe it’ll motivate you for tomorrow 🙂

It’s the first Monday in February and aside from realizing I never made public my New Year’s Resolutions, I figured it was a perfect time to revisit yours.  

This year, I decided against doing anything fitness related for my very specific resolutions – for one thing I think I’ve got this running thing down, and it’s not really a new endeavor for me personally to start or develop a running program.  That being said, I do certainly have some running goals for 2013 that I will share in a later post.

But first, my very simple resolutions for 2013 (which from this past month’s experience have brought me a great amount of simple happiness!)

  1. Make my bed every morning day.  (By not having the expectation of doing it in the morning, I’m sure to succeed more often!)  I’ve missed a few days on this one but have found that having a freshly pressed bed keeps my room tidier and my naps less frequent (or more likely to happen on the couch).Image


    Amazing what a made bed can do for a room!

  2. Cook a new recipe every week.  This one has been going great!  So far I’ve made egg casserole, grapefruit and quinoa salad, and black bean quesadillas.  I’ve learned that green onions and shallots are not the same thing in the kitchen and my freezer is stocked with in-a-pinch leftovers.


    Black bean quesadillas – my first culinary adventure of the year!

  3. Keep track of my spending.  Which will hopefully blossom into a full-fledged budget keeping habit.  But for now it just involves setting a goal for grocery spending each week, using the leftovers of that cash flow for eating out and the leftovers from my paycheck at the end of two weeks for a little frivolous spending (we’re talking gumballs people, or maybe on a good spending week, a margarita 😉 ).

And that’s it for 2013.  In a less specific way, I’d like to try one new thing a month or join a new social group.  February will be a book club (Lolita is our first discussion this Sunday!).

I chose this for today because I want to emphasize that it’s never too late to have a resolution, or too early to get back to the ones you made for 2013.  February is the time when the regulars at the gym start to get their peace and quiet back, or the drive through habit returns…..Re-visit your goals from January, write them down again and put them somewhere prominent.  Or create those goals you never did…. 😉


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  1. That whole make-your-bed-every-day thing is actually pretty great. Once I got in that habit it would drive me nuts not to have the bed made. It just made going to sleep that much more enjoyable. (Okkkk Mom, you were right!)

    I like the social group idea, especially moving to a new city. Lolita is quite a book to dive into though. You’ll get to know people pretty fast discussing that one! lol. How did you find the book club and what type of membership is it (women, college students, etc? or is it open to anyone?)

    • It’s amazing isn’t it? And I hate sheets so I don’t even have to bother with those – takes less than a minute! I found the book club through a running friend who googled “Austin Book Clubs”. A local bookstore – Book People – has a whole host of them listed on their website. She chose the Revisiting Required Reading group, and I decided to join her! Not sure the age group yet – our first meeting is on Sunday! I’ll let you know 🙂

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