Taco Tunesday (that almost wasn’t!) – Anna Sun


almost didn’t make it this morning!  A combination of restless night, a dehydration headache and a little bit of lazy almost kept me in bed.  But I knew I’d feel better if I went, plus I had a few people expecting me to be there (that always helps!).  Oh, and the tacos!

It’s warm here – was 72 when I left the apartment and plenty sticky but I’m hopeful there’s a cooldown in the near future…..or at least in 19 days for approximately four hours in the morning 😉  The run wasn’t too bad either (just as I knew would happen when we got started).  I opted for the long course of 7.3 miles and ended it with a pretty strong kick to the finish!  My knees were a little sore around mile 4 but calmed down eventually.  Feelin’ good (just need to drink a lot of water today)!

Anna Sun – Walk the Moon

This song popped up last night while I was preparing a presentation for class today.  I listened to the live KGSR radio studio version which I like a little bit better but the music video was fun to watch too!  It’s a great running song and the video makes me want to paint my face and dance around in a bright field of yellow (anyone else?!).

Have a great day y’all!


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