It’s Not About Lance


Hey y’all!  I was up to run this morning with my friend Madeline – we trekked it up and down the hills of Red River and weaved our way through downtown, letting the traffic lights control our route.  I went 5.5 miles at pretty close to race pace (just under 10 minute miles).  This will be my last run for the week until the big 30K on Sunday (18.6 miles!).

I want to address an issue that has been raising a lot of questions in my personal life about my continued fundraising for Livestrong.  Most of you are probably generally aware of Lance Armstrong’s interview last week with Oprah.  I’m not sure what coverage was like in your towns but it seems that everyone here is pretty much over it.  My conditioning class addressed the interviews because his data is actually the base of a lot of theories we study. But generally there’s very little talk about it, or him.

People have been asking me this question since he admitted his cheating:

So will you continue to fundraise for Livestrong even after all of this?

It’s a valid question I believe.  Yes, the charity’s image has been tainted by the dishonesty and harmful actions of its founder.  Rumors and suggestions that he used the foundation to better his image and defend his character are all over the place.  But regardless of his intentions or his confessions or his character flaws, the charity provides a service to cancer patients and their families that tends to be overlooked in fundraising circles.  Most cancer money goes towards research and finding a cure.  A fantastic cause.  But what about helping families find insurance companies that will help pay for chemotherapy?  Or helping cover payments for travel for treatments?  That’s the kind of work Livestrong does.

So my answer is:

Yes, I will continue my fundraising efforts for Livestrong.

I will continue to wear the yellow bracelet that has inspired me through countless marathons and half marathons.  I will still run in the Livestrong Marathon on February 17.  I will probably be decked out in black and yellow on race day.  And I will continue to raise money for the foundation.  I like supporting local charities, and this one is no exception.



All that being said, I understand if you don’t want to donate.  But if you do, here is the link!  LIVESTRONG.  Thank you to those of you who have already contributed 🙂  Your support will absolutely help get me through those 26.2 miles in just 3 and a half weeks!

Did you watch the interviews?  Where do you stand on the issue?


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  1. I haven’t watched the interviews. As a former Austin resident, Livestrong means a lot more than a man and a lie, and I don’t want to perpetuate the viewer ratings of a scandal that will injure the reputation of a noble cause. I’d hate to see my former supervisor’s dad’s memory dishonored just because they used Livestrong services. I’d hate to see the Yellow Bike program disappear, leaving lots of folks without means to get around and stay healthy. I hate to see dedicated people like you lose their chance to help struggling families by doing something they love.

    We are all human, and Lance has made some superhuman mistakes. He is, however, in the ranks of a whole lot of other prominent business people who have done equally deplorable things and have gotten away with them/been praised for their actions.

    Let’s not punish a whole, valuable movement for something its founder did. I’m super proud of the work you’re doing, and best of luck in the coming weeks!

    • I still wear my LIVESTRONG yellow band, too, that I have had on since 2005. I still wear it for the cause and for all the people I have known that have recovered from or lost their battle to cancer. And, it reminds me that no matter how bad of a day I am having, there are others who have it much worse. Discovering the real Lance doesn’t change that.

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