The Peak of Livestrong Marathon Training


This weekend was peak mileage weekend for the Livestrong Marathon.  And my training partners were out of town.  And I worked late Saturday night.  And basically Sunday, the day I usually run long, I just didn’t feel like running.  I didn’t feel like doing anything is a better description.  Sometimes I just have those days.  It was a busy week of back to school and figuring out new schedules and a lot of detailed learning.  So I waited until today to run.  I found new training partners and we set out for 18 miles this morning around 7 am.  Erin is in my program and her roommate Stef is the reason we’re all in this marathon boat in the first place (it was her brilliant idea).

Part 1

The three of us decided on a route that combined the first several miles of the course before returning for a big lap around the lake.  Since the three of us had never run together before, we agreed it was ok for us to all go at our own paces though we managed to stick pretty close the whole time.  I ran with Erin, trying to help her scale back on speed at the beginning of the run.  We would run for 57 minutes and then walk for 3.  I had a banana before the run and a pack of sports beans at every walk break (2 breaks at mile 6.5 and mile 13).

I felt so good today.  The weather, a running buddy, rested legs and a day off of school all combined brilliantly for an encouraging 18 miler

With about 4 miles to go, I felt like I had some kick in me and just got into some sort of zone, cruising away from the lake and through the city.  I was without music (little iPod died right as we started the run…..but even that wasn’t excuse enough to stop me today) and focusing on form, breathing and what I should suggest for breakfast.

Avg Pace
Summary 2:52:02.1 14.06 12:14
1 39:39.5 1.00 39:41
2 9:50.6 1.00 9:51
3 11:23.4 1.00 11:24
4 10:09.3 1.00 10:09
5 9:53.0 1.00 9:53
6 9:53.1 1.00 9:53
7 10:00.2 1.00 10:00
8 9:52.5 1.00 9:53
9 11:34.5 1.00 11:35
10 10:09.9 1.00 10:10
11 9:41.0 1.00 9:41
12 9:27.8 1.00 9:28
13 10:19.6 1.00 10:20
14 9:38.4 1.00 9:38
15 :29.4 0.06 8:08

The above summary is a little hard to follow – Gary didn’t find his damn satellites until we were four miles into the run so the splits are off by about 4 miles.  But the total time is correct – I did 18 miles in 2:52 which is at a cruisin’ sub 10 minute pace.  I could have done at least 3 more feeling pretty strong (not sure about 8.2 but I’ve got 4 weeks to work on that….).

We all rendezvoused, stretched, sipped on pomegranate juice and discussed breakfast.  We decided on 24 Diner (I’ve never been) where I ordered 2 eggs over easy and Erin and I split a waffle.  It was delicious and filling – just what my muscles needed after 3 hours on the road.  People were giving us strange looks – not sure if it was the salt caked to my face, my “Suck it Up” headband or the fruity odor coming from the three of us.  Or maybe our gimpy gaits?

Part 2

I really wanted to get 21 miles in today and the pup I’m dog sitting for (her parents are my out of town training partners Tiffany and Brandon) was begging for a jog.

How can you say no to this?!

How can you say no to this?!

So off we went for a 3 mile jog around the neighborhood before I had to return her to he parents 😦

Here’s to listening to your body, and getting the big miles done!  Happy Monday y’all 🙂


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