Drizzly Taco Tunesday – Between the Raindrops


Very rarely Austin weather reminds me of Dublin weather.  Today is one of those days.  I’m so glad I made plans with at least 3 people to go to the taco run this morning in the 30 degree temps.  I’m also glad I didn’t notice until I was standing outside my apartment locking up that it was drizzling.  I definitely maybe would have crawled right back into my big fluffy bed!

Cold, windy and drizzly Ireland!

Cold, windy and drizzly Ireland!

But I was also anxious to get back to the Taco run after a big holiday hiatus.  Just like the race Sunday, it took only about a mile to warm up.  I did the long distance this morning since the 26.2 deadline is quickly approaching – plus I just enjoy that urban + lake trail course.  There were quite a few people I knew there this morning – Tiff and her husband Brandon (my long run partners, also training for February’s 26.2), my friend Madeline from undergrad and another mutual friend Sloan, and an Aussie named Dean visiting with some “mates”.  Great run, and the taco was more delicious than I remembered 🙂

Between The Raindrops.  Lifehouse ft. Natasha Bedingfield

Walking between the raindrops, Riding the aftershock beside you.

A perfect fit for the rainy run this morning.  I also love the pickup at the chorus, could use this for a mini-interval part of your run.


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