Running in Mexico


Today I’m schedule to run 8 miles.  It will be my first run since getting back from winter break in Mexico, and although it’s not quite like being near the ocean with palm trees sprinkled about, I’m looking forward to it.

In my head, my trip is divided into two distinct parts – the 10 days I was supposed to be there, and the extra 12 from the passport mishap.  The first 10 days saw some but little running (maybe 10 miles total), as I was in full rest and relax, indulge in the holidays mode (don’t worry, I’m payin for that…).  The second half of my vacation though, I kicked it into high gear.  You’ve already read about my treadmill runs (15 and 18 miles) with the assistance of movies like The Lucky One and A Time to Kill, as well as episodes of The Vampire Diaries.  But I didn’t do all of my running inside.

On days I did decide to run outside, I was usually joined by my Aunt Emilie.  We would discuss at dinner the night before what time we wanted to try to be finished based on the day’s activities and then work backwards from there to figure out what time we’d need to meet in the kitchen.  Usually between 7:30 and 8:30.  We’d set off through the complex, I would run and she would walk.

A 6-miler


My route took me past multiple condos, a marina, restaurants and little tourist shops.  Usually, even in the morning, the sun felt pretty warm and I was in shorts and tanks.  I had beautiful views of water, trees and mountains everywhere my routes took me.

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There was always plenty of activity going on.  Tourists and locals alike bustling about – either on foot, or waiting for buses or pulmonias.  There were always gardeners out trimming the bushes and shrubs.  People sweeping the sidewalks of the restaurants.  My longest run outside was 7 miles through the marina.

I found that when I was running in Mexico, random Mexican phrases would pop into my head.  Maybe it was because I tried to say “Buenos dias” to people as I passed but here are some of the random phrases from my schooling that I thought of on the runs:

  • Buenos dias/tardes/noches – Good morning/afternoon/night.  (Obviously the most frequently used phrases on my trip)
  • Mas despacio por favor – Slow down please.  (Came in handy when people would talk too fast to me)
  • Pongen sus libros bajo sus sillas – Put your books under your seats. (My teacher would always say that before a test, never once used that phrase on vacation).
  • Donde estan mis zapatos – Where are my shoes? (Maybe said it once)
  • Yo quiero bebir una margarita – I want to drink a margarita.  (Always.)

I think with enough time there I could definitely master the language….or at least be able to ask for more margaritas!

When I returned to the condo, Emilie was waiting outside and we’d go up to have coffee and breakfast.  Some days she let me fend for myself – smoothies or eggs or english muffins, but other days she would whip up waffles, chilaquiles or frittatas and french toast.  Then I’d grab a book and head down to the pool!  Not a bad routine….

Happy Thursday everybody!


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  1. and don’t forget bienvenidos (welcome) that I mistakenly turned into bienvendidos which then got turned into “bien bandidos”……

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