Taco Tunesday – Never Let Me Go

Taco Tunesday – Never Let Me Go

I am finally back to ATX.  After nearly being forced to stay the night in Phoenix (storms in Austin and an overbooked flight), I found a seat at the very back of the plane, was served free wine for my troubles finding a seat and chatted the entire trip with my new friend.  Needless to say, I got in very late and after catching up with Austin friends didn’t make it to the taco run this morning.  And Austin is cold and rainy so I’m giving myself this day to be lazy.  Just today though.  Back on the grind tomorrow – even if it is rainin!

Florence + The Machine never fail to provide inspiring and motivating tunes for the backdrop of my runs.  I’ve been listening to this track a lot during my vacation and used it to push through some of those final miles on the treadmills.

Florence + The Machine.  Never Let Me Go.

And the arms of the ocean are carrying me, 
And all this devotion was rushing over (out of) me, 
And the crashes are heaven, for a sinner like me, 
But the arms of the ocean deliver me.

I have always loved the ocean.  I love the chaotic peacefulness of being tossed in the waves.  I hope to carry that with me through the rest of the year….this extended vacation really did wonders for my spirit 🙂

Arms of the Ocean

Arms of the Ocean


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  1. Chaotic peacefulness…I love that…that was the thing I loved about surfing. They called it the washing machine. Enjoy the washing machine, our surf instructor said. That’s sort of like life, isn’t it?

    Now, enough philosophy…I have to go to a grueling gym workout. Ugh….

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