Motivation Monday


Today’s a travel day for me!  I’ve got my temporary passport in my possession, am checked in for my flight and will make sure to be at the airport in plenty of time.  12 days late, I’m headed back to America!  I hate to leave the perfect bliss of zero responsibilities but school starts up again soon and I need some downtime at home before hectic comes back to town.

I like to exercise on traveling days for a couple reasons –

  • Travel is stressful – I’m expecting to lose a bag, be pulled over for extra security, be delayed in customs and miss my connecting flight in Phoenix, sit next to a snoring old man and in front of a kicking child – a morning run will help me respond politely in all of the above situations.
  • I have all afternoon/night to sit – I’ll be on two different planes for at least 5 hours.  My legs deserve a good shake out tomorrow morning.
  • Weather – It’s 40s and rainy where I’m going but 70s and sunny where I’m leaving.
  • Did I mention my potential fellow travelers?

An easy 4 miler farewell Mexico run followed by a quick final weights session in my little personal gym will keep me calm and cool for this afternoon’s adventure!

Does travel stress you out?


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  1. Admittedly, I get impatient and worn out with poor service and travelers oblivious to others on long trips….pre-trip exercise does help. Good luck traveling back to reality!

  2. Love it! I used to travel a lot in a past life, and I have gotten to where I plan for problems. If I don’t have them, then I feel totally surprised. It puts me in a better frame of mind. If I bring a good book and stuff to do, then a long wait or something just gives me valued alone time. Safe travels!!

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