18 Treaded Miles


I woke up with the sun with one thing in mind: Survive this run.  It’s funny to me how sometimes you just decide you’re gonna do something and you get through it.  In a small way I was looking forward to my treadmill time.

Up with the sun!

Up with the sun!

I’ve been reading like a mad person during the days here and had just finished A Time to Kill.  Last week for the 15 miler I had just finished The Lucky One  and so rented it from iTunes to watch while I ran.  I followed the same idea this week, downloading A Time to Kill to my computer last night.

18-Miler entertainment

Unfortunately (maybe because it’s from the 90s) there wasn’t an option for subtitles and even though I just finished the book (what a captivating story about the tragic history of the south.  We’ve discussed this one over several meals here in Mexico.), I couldn’t hear one word anyone was saying because of the noise of my feet and the treadmill belt.  I managed to follow along for about 13 miles but with 30 minutes to go in the movie (and the final trial), decided I had to save it for later when I could hear everything.  Plus, it’s usually at this point in the run (no matter how far, the last 1/3 of the distance) where I get a little distracted.  Young but silent Matthew and Sandra just couldn’t hold my attention any longer.

So I hopped off and quickly changed the screen to a less intense, more indulgent pleasure of the story of Elena and the Salvatore brothers in The Vampire Diaries.

My newest guilty pleasure

I recognize my own ridiculousness with my complete devotion to this show – I’m nearly a decade out of my teenage years and have been sucked into a show whose cast and plot are winning Teen Choice Awards.  Judge me not, I’m sure you have vices too.  And anyway would you just look at those two boys (brothers in the show) and tell me you wouldn’t run miles for them?  That’s what I thought.

Good brother, bad brother

If you’re interested in understanding my interest in the show (trust me, I understand your hesitation, I’m not into sci-fi or fantasy either.  I wasn’t anyway…), seasons 1-3 are available instantly on Netflix…but beware, there is high potential for staying up all night watching.  Thank me when those boys help you get through some treadmill miles 🙂



As for other important notes on the run, I followed the same run .9 mile/walk .1 mile interval pattern as last week, keeping close mental tabs on my inner thighs.  They gave me no trouble!  I had a banana right before the run, Gu and miles 6 and 12 (would have done it more often but was out of Gu’s) and water as often as I needed it ( A LOT!).  Just 6 weeks to the marathon so I’ve got an 18 miler next week (3M Half marathon + 5 miles), the dreaded 21 miler peak, a 30k/18 mile race, 15 miles, 12 and then race!  I’ve been spoiled by the tiny personal gym here and doubt I’ll be doing any of those final runs on a treadmill.

Happy Saturday y’all 🙂


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