Weekly Workouts – TreadHills


I see the previous post is having some photo problems……I’m going to work those out in the morning hopefully!

I spent all year avoiding the treadmill, and now that I’ve returned to it I’m not sure why.  I do love running outdoors but the treadmill has a far worse reputation than it deserves.  I’ve spent some time on it here in Mexico and wanted to add some variety to my routines so tried out this interval hill workout from competitive masters runner Melissa Trunnel (from Runnersworld.com).  Try to keep a constant, steady pace.  The flats are recovery so you can bring the pace down a little if you’re feeling pooped.


I completed that workout yesterday (what a way to start the year!) at a steady 6.0 mph.  That was really tough on an 8.0 incline!  But I figured I should get some practice in on the hills since I’m not in Austin.  After 33 minutes and 3.3 miles I also did the following quick plyo/strength/agility routine:

4 burpees

6 pushups

20 crunches

9 star jumps

5 standing calf raises

80 bicycles

1 minute plank

Buenos noches a todos!


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  1. Okay…I’m going to try to be more open minded about the treadmill. Is this the workout you sent the other day? I may have to try a treadmill workout next week. This week I’m booked.

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