12 Days of Fitness Workout


I hoped to be running again today but with every swing forward of each leg, and then impact of the ground, my adductors feel like they’re going to snap.  I know that’s a bit dramatic, and that probably won’t actually happen, but that’s what it feels like.  Regardless, I managed a less than 2 mile walk with Popsicle this morning.  Will try again tomorrow – I better get it back soon!

One of my favorite workouts to do when I used to teach classes was inspired by the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.  If you think about how the song goes, you can probably deduce how the workout’s going to go.  We start at the bottom with 1, then go to 2, 1 and 3, 2, 1 etc.  It’s a doozy but so effective.  


Here’s how to create your own full body 12 days of Christmas workout – there are 4 categories of moves:

Abs – plank, bicycle, oblique ankle touches, V-Ups

Cardio – jumping jacks, burpees, squat jumps, sprints

Arms – pushups, dips, rotating side planks

Legs – lunges, squats, inchworms, wall sits, step ups

 You’ll repeat that little circuit three times with different moves so that in the end you’ll have twelve different exercises in your routine.  I’ve listed some “easy” body weight moves for you that fit into the categories above, just pick three from each.  Choose wisely the order of your moves because the later they are in the rotation, the more you’ll have to do!  Here’s an example of one of my Twelve Days of Fitness Routines


1 minute plank

20 jumping jacks

3 pushups

40 second wall sit

50 oblique ankle touches (25 each ankle)

6 burpees (with pushup)

7 dips

8 walking lunges (each leg)

9 military sit ups

10 leap frogs

11 plank jacks 

12 squats (jump optional)  


Once you have the full routine written out, start at the “first day” and do one minute of plank.  Then immediately move to the “second day” of 20 jumping jacks and one minute plank.  Quickly onto the three pushups, 20 jumping jacks and one minute plank for “day three”.  I hope you’ve caught on by now…..In the end you’ll have done 12 minutes of planks, 220 jumping jacks, 30 pushups, 360 seconds of wall sits, 400 oblique ankle touches, 42 burpees with pushups (72 pushups!!!), 42 dips, 40 walking lunges, 36 military situps, 30 leap frogs, 22 plank jacks and 12 squats.  YEA!


This workout’s a little longer than the circuits I usually put up – I’d plan for at least an hour.  It will seem fairly easy at first because the reps are so low but by about “day six” you should be sweatin’ and burnin’ :).  



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