Thankful Taco Tunesday – We Come Running


Didn’t oversleep this morning!  Made it in time to run 4.5 miles with the taco group.  Tiffany and Brandon have become regulars and I was glad to have their company and steady pace this morning.  I decided not to go for the 7.25 mile route because the St. Jude Half is next weekend.  Let’s just call it the unofficial start to my taper…. 🙂

Today’s Thankful – Breakfast Tacos.

It’s a pretty simple one today but I have found a lot of joy in the Tuesday Taco runs here in Austin.  Who knew that scrambled eggs and a tortilla could get so many people out of bed before the sun week after week?  I know for sure it’s the only reason I’m up and running on Tuesday mornings.

We Come Running.  Youngblood Hawke.

Sometimes this song comes on the radio at work and I just have to bounce/jump/rave around singing with it.  I think it’s just full of energy PLUS  any song that mentions the act of running in the chorus is a big winner.

What do you think of their sound?


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