Motivation Monday: Today’s Thankful – Running


You shouldn’t be surprised this would show up somewhere in my Week of Thanks.

I am thankful for running.

Running has given me a lot.

I am thankful for what running does for my body.  Strong legs.  Healthy heart.  A little extra flexibility in my diet :).

I am thankful for what running does for my mind.  Sometimes it’s a quick 45 minute escape from the challenges of this life.  Sometimes it’s a 4 mile trip focused solely on one issue and I work through all the options in my head.  I have made some of the biggest decisions of my life on a run.  Clarity.  Focus.  Creativity.

I am thankful for what running does for my soul.  It gives me wings.  Connects me to nature.  Reminds my spirit that nothing is too hard.  Heals and forgives.  I’ve cried and hyperventilated on runs before, almost like I was running away from something.  And then you have to stop and catch your breath, and your thoughts catch up to you and you face them.

Me and the road

I am thankful for what running does for my confidence.  True, sometimes I can’t make it through a simple 5 mile run, but when I keep at it and dominate the next trip around the lake, I feel like a badass.  When I finished my first marathon in 2008, something changed in my fundamental self forever and suddenly nothing in this life was impossible.

Mile 23 of my first marathon!

I am thankful for what running does for my travel log.  I’ve been to some pretty incredible places, and the best way to explore those places is on your feet.  The mountains of Oregon, the beaches of Greece, the cobblestone streets of Belgium, along the river in Dublin, around the decks of a cruise ship.  Where I go, running goes.

Mountains and lake behind me!

I am thankful for what running does for my social life.  It has strengthened my relationship with my dad through miles shared on the road.  And with my mom through her never-ending support of my biggest races.  When I first moved here, it was my source for friendship and companionship. In Memphis it has provided friends I still keep in touch with.

Some of my best friends are from running

I am thankful that running has evolved into a career path.  There is nothing I find more joy in than helping someone become a runner, become a better runner, a farther runner or a faster runner.  We can always improve and I am here to support you through that journey.  Watching clients hit PRs, push through plateaus and persevere through injuries has brought me the most joy in the past two and a half years.

I am thankful that running is a reflection of life.  Much of my character that I am proud of today, I can attribute to running.  Determination.  Dedication.  Commitment.  Passion.  Patience.  My relationship with running helps make me better in my relationships with people.

What’s your thankful today?  And what are you waiting for….go see what running can do for you.


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