Thanksgiving Week 12 miler


This morning’s final long run was a big success.  I met my friend Tiffany and her husband on campus for a route I haven’t done yet.  We ran west to the Shoal Creek trail, connected to the Lake Trail for about 6 miles and then turned around to come back.  It was a hilly challenge but I enjoyed the company (we chatted about the loss of Hostess, basketball, school, Christmas break and the Austin marathon), beautiful temperatures and talk of what to eat afterwards for the last 3 miles – chocolate milk (mine, a mocha) and breakfast tacos of course.

12 miles of Thanksgiving.

Quickly becoming a post-run ritual. Especially with Tiffany and Brandon.

I would like to dub today the official start to my Thanksgiving week.  Yes, I’m aware Thanksgiving is only one day (this coming Thursday), and yes, that maybe I should have started this past Thursday.  But from today until next Saturday I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving.

Really, it’s something I try to do daily.  Being gracious is such an important characteristic and I think it lends to a happier and more content lifestyle.  If you spend your time being thankful for what you have, you have less time to be upset about what you don’t have.  I also saw the quote somewhere

“What if you woke up today with only the things you said “thank you” for yesterday?”

Well, I wouldn’t have much.  So, join me.  Starting today (don’t wait until Thursday!) think of something that you’re thankful for.  Write it down if you want to.  It can be simple (the clothes on your body) or pretty profound (your relationship with someone in particular, a secure job etc.).

Today’s Thankful: My body.

Grateful for this running machine

And I’m not talking about in a vanity kind of way.  I mean all the way down to the intricate physiological systems I’m learning about in my classes.  I’m thankful these processes continue while I’m sleeping, studying, running, driving and all sorts of other things besides thinking about the rate of epithelial transport due to secondary active transport……I mean seriously, can you imagine if we had to think about existing?  Think about every heart beat and firing the SA node and the depolarization of the atria and ventricles…no way.

Thankful for the athleticism

I am also thankful for my healthy body.  Healthy meaning free of disease.  Free of famine.  Free of disability.  Healthy meaning fit and strong.  I am thankful for my legs that took me on twelve rolling miles of hills through the beautiful city of Austin this morning.  I’m thankful for my arms that allow me hoist and carry heavy loads of textbooks and backpacks.  I’m thankful it sticks with me when I put it through long runs, tough workouts and that it adapts to the difficulty to become even healthier.  I’m thankful through times of “unhealth” and bad decisions (sleepless nights, poor eating, stressful situations) it remains resilient and able to bounce back.

I think far too often in my industry there’s infinite comparison to other athletes or models that clients desire to look like.  There needs to be more time appreciating the athletes that we are, and are becoming.  It’s been a long path to this discovery, and it’s never easy to be satisfied with yourself (for one, people may perceive you as cocky) but let me tell you I have never been happier than when I’m satisfied with my body.

Someone will always be faster, stronger, thinner, fitter and more beautiful than you.  As soon as you can accept that, and be proud of your fitness or your body how it is, and the dedication you have to continue to improve, you will find insane amounts of peace and happiness with yourself.

It’s a delicate machine and I continue to be amazed the more I learn in my classes.  Take time today to appreciate yours, and make a commitment to take care of it – either through healthy eating, daily exercise (doesn’t have to be a twelve mile run everyday ;), a daily walk will do wonders).  It’s your home, your health and in a small way, your happiness.

What are you thankful for today?


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  1. Hey!! Nice reminder….I’m thankful for you!! The guys ran 5 today….we haven’t done that in awhile…and THEN we went for coffee. After reading this blog, I think I’ll go again tomorrow!!

    Nice pics, BTW!!

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