Wanted: Closet Thief.


Today’s Run – 5 miles following the 30/20/10 routine.  On the hills of Red River.

I mentioned to one of my friends after watching the Grizzlies beat the Heat on Sunday night (I had to beg the bar to change one TV to basketball, and when I asked for it the manager was like – “It’s Sunday, we watch football.”  and I said – “The Grizzlies are on, playing the NBA champions.”  Jessica – 1 Sunday Night Football – 0), that I was a little homesick for Memphis.  Someone in Austin heard me and decided to make me feel more at home on Monday – here’s the story.

Monday I returned to the Treehouse from school and put my key in the lock.  I didn’t feel a lot of resistance when I turned but know without a doubt that I locked it when I left.  It seemed a little strange but a nap was more important at that point.  I crawled in bed for a quick snooze, thinking that something else also felt off.  It didn’t keep me up though.  After my nap when I was tidying up my room a little bit, I noticed a few more strange things. I may not be the tidiest person in the world, but I remember when stuff is out of place.  I’m an organized mess.

A wicker basket over turned in the closet…..I went to investigate.  I don’t think that was there this morning.  My t-shirts (normally stored in a laundry basket) upside down in a pile on the floor.  That definitely wasn’t like that, ever.  Where’s the laundry basket?  Have I lost my mind?  Empty hangers.  Thinned out line of clothing.  Blouses on the floor.  Are there dresses missing?  Where’s my new white tailgating outfit?  WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES?  

I think it took a while to sink in that my little apartment had been broken into because the nature of the stealing was so strange.  Like my friend Lyndsay put it – “It’s like a sorority girl (no stereotype on them…I’m one too, but formals are a way of life) broke into your dorm room and stole all your dresses.”  That’s exactly what happened.  I’m so thankful it wasn’t as awful as it could have been – nothing damaged, nothing really valuable or sentimental taken.  Just bizarre.  Even the Austin Police Department agreed it’s a strange case.  And it’s safe to say I’ve upped the security around the Treehouse – Home Alone style.

If only I had seen this article two days sooner – but it does have some good tips.

It did help me feel a little more at home – bringing back memories of the 2009 break in at my college house.  Except those thieves took all the electronics.  And a box of Tootsie Pops.  So a little strange too.

Anyway – I’d just like to have a little photo memorial for all of my favorite dresses.  I may not wear them very often (the perks of being a Sports Science student) but I still like to get dressed up every now and then……

R.I.P. Party Dresses

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Man, I had some fun times in those!  (and a lot of different hairstyles….).  Oh well, four days later, time to move on.  And shop for a new party dress ;).


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  1. Jessica, just wanted to let you know that I love your blog! I am a native Memphian living in DC (but desperately want to move to Austin). Oh, and I can totally relate to your Grizz story 🙂

    So sorry to hear about your dresses!

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  3. Oh…no….I’m so sorry. I’d almost rather someone steal my electronics than my dresses!! I hate that this happened. I have a woodworking friend that builds the most fabulous creative furniture I’ve ever seen. Their house was broken into in Memphis a few years back. They stole the coffee table. The cops were astounded that anybody would steal a coffee table! I had my car stolen, and, of course, someone took my iPad that was left on the plane. When those kinds of things happen to me, I try to send positive energy to whoever stole it, imagining that, for whatever reason, they need it more than I do. And, that is sad for them. And, I’ve found when I give freely, it comes back to me in spades. Start dreaming of those new dresses on their way to you!! 🙂

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