Weekly Workouts – Back it Up


Something crazy got to me this week and I made a return to the heavy weights…..(not quite as heavy as they used to be since I’ve been away for a few months).  I go back and forth on my stance regarding the benefits of heavier weights for endurance running.  I absolutely recommend it for general fitness but am on the fence about it for my racing purposes.  Well, I just couldn’t stand not strength training anymore.

It’s always a little intimidating to return to the gym when you’ve been away, and I understand that it maybe is especially intimidating to get started!  I’m so thankful that because of sports I’ve been familiarized with the space since high school.

But Monday morning I peeled myself out of bed a little earlier than normal to check out the RSC on campus.  It’s a nice space and wasn’t too crowded.  I did the following routine – focusing mostly on my back and biceps – which took a little less than an hour.

Back it Up 

Move Weight Reps Sets
Row 2,000 m (about 10 minutes) 2,000m 2-3
Close-grip, reverse pulldowns 40 12-15 2-3
Wide grip, lat pulldowns 40 12-15 2-3
Single-arm cable rows 20 12-15 2-3
Bicep curls 12 12-15 2-3

You can either complete one row at a time with a 1-2 minute rest between sets OR you can go through all 5 moves in a row with a 2 minute rest between cycles, repeating 2-3 times.  I opted for doing the entire cycle before repeating – kept my heart rate up to have that cardio in there!

If you’re a runner and looking to pick one move to focus on from the above list, I would pick single-arm cable rows.  That move is going to mimic the motion your arms make when you’re on the road, and if those muscles are stronger, you won’t fatigue as quickly 🙂

I am still feeling a little bit of soreness today in my lats (a very welcome feeling!) and am glad I got back to it.

I challenge you today if you’ve been away from it for a while to get back to it with this routine!  You’ll feel great, I promise 🙂


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  1. Hi Jess, I am Claudiafrom Argentina, we run and train for St. Judes Marathon together. I still keep up with you, Wish you were here to run together, need a push, thanks, Miss you.

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