Taco Tunesday – Grace Potter and the Nocturnals


Taco Run

I loved the extra taco so much last week I decided to do the extra 2.75 miles again this morning.  It also really helped to have sunlight by mile two and a few running partners.  The air and sky this morning were so crisp and beautiful, it was worth the 5 am wake up.  I remember one view coming over the MoPac bridge east of the city and the buildings were just lit up by the fiery sun behind them – fantastic.  For 7.25 miles and 62 minutes, I was a carefree girl.

Today’s music choice is a band I’ve known for a few years thanks to a few powerful spin classes with this song – Paris (Ooh la la) in the background.  I like Grace, she seems tough in this song but she also has a softer side in her duet with Kenny Chesney – Me You and Tequila.  I picked her today because she and the Nocturnals will be in concert here in Austin on Friday at Stubbs

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.  Paris (Ooh la la).


If I was from Paris, I’d say oh la la la la la la la.  

Yes Grace, because I’ve heard so many Parisians say that 😉

Happy (Election) Tuesday!


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