I usually try to make this blog a really positive place for a few reasons.  One, I’m a generally positive person and no matter what goes on in life, there is always something to smile about.  Two, y’all don’t come to this space to listen to what’s wrong in my life, hear me whine or read about things that irk me.  So with those two things in mind – I have two things to tell y’all about that I’m pretty bummed over but are by no means the end of the world.

1.  ACS DetermiNation Program has been abruptly cancelled.  I received a phone call last week from my “boss” or contact person at ACS.  She told me that as of that day, except for a few major cities, all of the DetermiNation staff had been laid off.  There was very little warning or explanation or clarification.  Unfortunately that includes me – no coaching, no NOLA half and full marathons and no part-time income.  I’m the most bummed about not having the chance to put my coaching shirt back on – that is probably what I miss the most.

2.  I am not going to run in Tulsa.  Due to money and time constraints, I will not be able to run in the Route 66 Half-Marathon in November.  This also means I won’t make my goal of running in 4 new states this year and will be stuck at 9 indefinitely (surely though I’ll get to 10 sometime next year!).  Fortunately part of this problem comes from the abundance of races I’ve found to run in Austin.

So, it’s been feeling like a bit of a bummertown around here (add to all that the Grizzlies’ loss last night), but you know me.  Sit with it, cry about it and pout for a minute but then get over it.

Life could be a lot worse…..

Because good things start to happen again – like red cups which means holiday drinks which means cooler temps which means Christmas music!


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  1. Alas, Tulsa will have to wait for another year. Hopefully you’ll be able to race it vicariously through me later this month. Glad to hear the Austin running community is worth the relocation though 🙂

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