Motivation Monday


Good morning y’all!  It’s still way chilly here in Austin (sometimes I forget I’m in Texas, until I see the sea of burnt orange…) so I was tempted to run this morning but decided against it because of yesterday’s tough push at the 10k.  Instead I was up and at ’em for a little Power Yoga at Black Swan.

Many times in a yoga class, before the session begins the instructor will prompt us all to set an intention for the practice, for the day, for the week.  We take a few breaths to ourselves while we set our intention and then as our minds wander throughout class, we have a thought or a purpose to come back to.  In the past I’ve chosen things such as forgiveness, patience, recovery, dedication, strength etc.

Today I chose to set my intention for the week on dedicating all of my workouts to the memory of those fighting breast cancer.  October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and I doubt anyone hasn’t been touched by the disease in some way.

Dedicate your workout to someone!

Today, I encourage you to go out there and run, workout or yoga for someone other than yourself.  Someone who has fought a tougher battle than you.  And then, if they’re still alive, tell them about it!

Who are you training for today?



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  1. I love you and your inspiration!!! I am heading out for a morning run, I haven’t gotten to do one for a couple weeks because of my new job so am very excited! I love the crisp morning air. I will dedicate mine to Kelly Clark, a friend of mine that is still in recovery! Love you, have a great day! OX

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