Weekend Summary and New 10k PR!!


Fall arrived in Austin yesterday with temperatures in the 50s!  I’m not sure how long that will last but it’s pretty funny seein’ some of these Texans in their North Face fleece already!  I have lots of fun to re-cap for y’all since my track workout on Thursday 🙂

1. UT Women’s Soccer Match.  Friday night I joined my new friend Lauren (we’re suffering through the Bio class in the sardine can together, and finally managed to spend some time together outside of studying) at the soccer match against OSU.  Longhorns won 1-0, and Mia Hamm made a guest appearance.

Beautiful City Scape

Texas Sunsets are incredible – too bad the big stadium’s in the way…

Hook ’em!

2.  UT v. West Virginia Football Game.  I attended my second UT football game this year on Saturday night.  It’s hard to believe in 24 hours I went from wearing jeans and a tank top to jeans and a sweatshirt (and being cold!).  A group of kids from my kinesiology program got together for tequila and burgers before the game.  It was fun to be with everyone outside the classroom again.  This time instead of being sky high in the stadium, a group of us was in the true student section.  Much different experience.  Boots on, tequila down and horns up!

UT fans.

South Endzone view!

It was a close game against our big rival – the Mountaineers – but UT just couldn’t hold on.  The atmosphere was incredible as a sports’ fan.  Plenty of horns were thrown and a lot of Texas Fight chanted!

Put Bevo in!

Our seats were right by our official mascot – Bevo!

Post-Touchdown Flags


Almost fully embraced the burnt orange…

Texas Fight!


Steph and me!

Forgive us Rhodes, but we decided losing at UT is more fun than winning at Rhodes…..

3.  IBM 10k – First race of the Austin Distance Challenge

Then this morning, I had to wake up and run 6.2 miles.  I joined the group after the game for one more beer and am glad I managed to turn down two additional rounds.  I was in bed by 12:30 am.  This morning, the chilly temps made for perfect racing weather.  I ran without my iPod.  After a rough week of running, I needed this to be a good race, and it was!

Avg Pace
Summary 48:12.8 6.29 7:40


1 7:52.2 1.00 7:52
2 7:42.8 1.00 7:43
3 7:36.8 1.00 7:37
4 7:40.1 1.00 7:40
5 7:29.6 1.00 7:30
6 7:48.7 1.00 7:49
7 1:27.4 0.20 7:12
8 :35.3 0.09 6:38

I managed to stay below an 8 minute pace and felt strong the whole time.  I’m having some low back pain and knee pain but only after the run.  I’m proud of how I paced the run, working on negative splits until the last mile.  A 10k PR was just what my confidence needed, and certainly helps my motivation for the remaining 8 weeks of St. Jude training.

I came in 14 out of 129 in my new age group of 25-29.  We’re a little bit older and a little bit faster than what I’m used to in Memphis.  But I’m pleased with it anyway.  The post-race party was the best I’ve seen by a 10k – including breakfast tacos, massages, cookies, muffins, bananas and live music.  The Austin Distance Challenge tent had the tacos and more goodies – including the first magnet in the 6-race series.  I’m excited for the next race!

Sometimes it’s hard to see the results as you go because all of the runs feel hard.  And then you hit one race where everything feels right – despite the stress of school, despite the week of missed runs, despite the trouble sleeping – sometimes you just have to trust that for the most part you’ve put in the work and it will all come together.  Trust the process 🙂

Now it’s time to hit the books and get ready for the arrival of the Reynolds women….watch out Austin!

Is it fall where you are yet?  Happy weekend!



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