Back on Track


Literally.  Made a return to the track today after missing last week.  On Monday I put up a quote about really wanting to do something and then making it happen, or making excuses.  Then I went for a mid-day run (first one in six days = eternity in my running world) and it was horrible.  Only made it four miles down the trail before my body said this to my brain, “No.  I will not allow you to run any further.  You can walk back home.  Up hill.”  There is little worse than being miles from home and totally defeated on a run.  So, body and mind walked back together and on those four miles I decided to do the training right these last 8 and a half weeks.  I’m going to embrace the runner’s lifestyle completely – from foam rolling to proper nutrition to stretching to rest days to dreadful track workouts.  Along the way I’ll work out some balance issues with fun and schoolwork but I’m in a unique position of having a relatively flexible schedule, a lot of knowledgeable people around me and great support in my new running friends.

I’ll admit it’s difficult to be surrounded by young, energetic, party things in this town and try to stick to a training regimen.  It’s hard to fit all the fitness in between classes, work, playdates and avoiding tequila and tex mex.  But no one said this was easy.  I need to stop expecting it to be that way.  That doesn’t mean it won’t be fun – I’m really looking forward to this race season (starting Sunday with the 10k!) – and group runs with new friends.

It’s going well so far, despite face-planting on the run Tuesday…I made it to yoga yesterday to take care of those tight muscles, and have been foam rolling my legs like an pain addict.  And today I made it to the track.

Week 9 Track Workout

Two sets of six 400s.  The first set my goal was to push it and keep the time under a 7 minute pace each lap.  The second set my goal was to try to stick to my 10k pace as practice for Sunday and I hit that pretty well too.  Under 8 minute pace for each lap but not faster than 7 minutes.


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  1. Jesss! I just broke my foot. Ah! I have to take 8 weeks off from running – which I know you know how rough that is!!! I might have to stop reading your blog because I’m so envious 🙂

    Or you might have to do a post on footless fitness!!

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