Weekly Workouts: Foam Rollin’


Happy Mid-week to all!  It came really quickly this week – time is flying.  Today I am going to introduce you to your new best friend and your worst enemy.  I have been recently re-united with the FOAM ROLLER thanks to an ample supply at the store and extremely stiff and heavy legs.

New Best Friend

The foam roller is a great tool for rolling out trigger points.  Not sure what those are?  Grab one of these guys, start rollin’ and soon you’ll know!  Basically they’re knots and tight spots that form in your muscles from all the hard training you’re doing.  The roller helps break those apart – reducing soreness, decreasing stiffness and improving performance.  And that’s all this girl wants right now 🙂

I incorporated some foam rolling into my Core Class at Texas Running Company last night and those poor girls aren’t sure what hit them.  It’s hard to describe how rolling across the foam cylinder feels – something like bringing all this soreness and pain you didn’t know you had deep in your muscles to the surface.

“That sounds awful,” you say?

Well quite frankly, it is.  But it is so beneficial that I do it anyway.  Here’s the core routine from last night:

  • 3 sun salutations with a paused plank
  • 1o burpees with a pushup
  • 10 mountain climbers, feet in
  • 10 mountain climbers, feet wide
  • 10 plank tuck jumps, feet in
  • 10 plank tuck jumps, feet wide
  • 15 squats
  • 10 each alternating clockwork lunges (forward, lateral, rear and diagonal)
  • 1 minute plank
  • 30 seconds each side plank
  • One legged balance windmills (10 each)
  • One legged hamstring bends with knee lifts (10 each)
  • Tabata interval set (20 seconds abs with 10 second rest): Double crunch, scissors, bicycle, planks x2

And then, we rolled.  Since none of the girls had used a foam roller before, we stuck to just the legs and 30 seconds per muscle group.  I like to start on my quads and basically just rotate like a rotisserie chicken every 30 seconds (quads to IT band/side of the leg to glutes/hammies to other side of the leg).

If you’re interested and want little aches and pains in your muscles to be relieved, or some stiffness smoothed out, check your gym for a foam roller or a local running store (we’ve got ’em at Texas Running Co in Austin!).  Start slowly and without much time invested – maybe while you wait for your coffee to brew in the morning or really quickly after your shower.  Doesn’t take much to feel huge relief!

Foaming 101

Thanks to greatist.com for that fantastic info graphic – saved me a lot of typing!

Happy rollin’ y’all 🙂


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  1. I might try your core exercies tmw. Probably won’t be able to do it all, but some… the roll though… I’m still a little scared since that time you made me roll with pain 😉 but for you I’ll make a true try! Glad to read about your great things!!!

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