Tunesday – My Texas


Well Tony wasn’t at the run today so there was no face-off.  I was ok with that as I was feeling tired from yesterday’s long run.  I was able to keep a good pace through the first 3.5 miles and then stopped for water on the south side of the lake.  That’s when my legs started to feel heavy and slow.  Half a mile later I realized just how heavy they were when I misstepped and tripped in the dark – flat onto my hands and face.  Seriously?!  I’m just trying to have a good run – but yes, getting back in the groove is not going well.  Not too much blood and just a little soreness in my shoulder from the impact – thank goodness I had slowed my pace down or it might have been a lot worse 😉

Today’s song(s) displays that stereotypical Texas pride without being too cocky about it.  The first one is fun, the second one a little sweet.  I’m starting to buy into the culture (not to worry – I’m not a Texan by any stretch of the stereotype) and wore my boots for the first time to watch the UT boys win on Saturday night.  There are plans to go two-stepping and honky-tonking…..

Anyway – here’s some Texas fun.

Josh Abbot Band (feat. Pat Green).  My Texas.

We pull that one out at almost every tailgate 🙂

Josh Abbott Band.  She’s Like Texas.

Just a little sweet Texas love song.  (although I wouldn’t say the hills around Austin are “friendly”)

Josh Abbott band will be in concert in Austin on October 27 at Nutty Brown Cafe and Amphitheater.  And I just put that on my calendar!


Happy Tuesday – hope you don’t fall down today 🙂


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