Core Workout at Texas Running Company


Every Tuesday at 6:30 pm I teach a core class for runners (well anyone really!) at Texas Running Company.  I’m so happy to be back in the teaching position again, designing workouts and leading students through them.  The class is open to the public and offered free of charge.  If you have a mat please bring one, if not, we can spot ya!

Let me explain a little bit about the “core”.  Most people think “core” exercises target only your six-pack abdominal area, and while yes, those muscles do make up a large chunk of your core (and tend to be people’s favorite because of their aesthetic nature), if you’re only doing crunches, you’re cheating a lot of key core muscles.

Don’t forget the backside!

Most people neglect the backside of their core – back, glutes and ab/adductors.  Also along the frontside, hip flexors are a mega part of your core and if not strengthened and stretched properly can be a literal pain in the ass for runners.  I also like to include the shoulders in my core workouts because those are the muscles of the arms that come into play big time in running, especially in the later miles as your legs start to fatigue and you rely on your upper body more.

So, in designing my core workout I like to think of incorporating moves that target shoulders, the aesthetic abs (sixpack), the hidden abs (rectus abdominus – think deeeeep muscles), hip flexors, glutes and hammies.  In targeting these muscles we also tend to hit the quadriceps and other muscles of the arms like triceps and biceps.  Here is yesterday’s workout!


  • 3 sun salutations with a 10 second hold in the plank position

Warms up shoulder and hip joints, increasing blood flow to working muscles.

Plank Circuit – I like to start with planks because it triggers your abs to be contracted and working throughout all of the exercises to come.

  • Regular plank – 1 minute hold
  • Side plank – 1 minute hold each side

Leg Circuit – gotta take care of those quads and glutes.  Plus, doing lunges and squats helps support the knee joint, alleviating a lot of pain runners experience in that area.

  • 15 bodyweight squats
  • 10 alternating forward lunges
  • 10 alternating lateral lunges
  • 10 alternating rear lunges
  • 10 alternating diagonal reverse lunges

Arm Circuit – arms are important for endurance when your legs get tired.  Plus doesn’t everyone like to see a little definition….?!

  • 10 burpees with a pushup


  • 20 single-leg balancing windmills
  • 10 inchworms with pushup
  • 10 single leg squats (10 each leg)
  • 10 side planks on hands with pushup in between sides


  • 24 V-Ups
  • 15 butt-ups (that’s a really technical term)
  • 15 crunches
  • 50 Russian twists

Legs Circuit (yep, again!  This time your muscles are fatigued so simulates the last few miles of a longer run)

  • 30 second bridge hold, 10 pulses
  • 15 second bridge hold (single leg), 5 pulses
  • 15 bodyweight squats
  • 10 alternating forward lunges
  • 10 alternating lateral lunges
  • 10 alternating rear lunges
  • 10 alternating rear diagonal

Finishing Series

  • 10 mountain climbers inside hands
  • 10 mountain climbers outside hands
  • 10 plank with double leg hops
  • 10 plank with double leg hops outside hands


The class took about 40 minutes – try to move as quickly as you can through the moves to keep your heart rate elevated. If you try this workout or have questions – you know how to reach me!  If you live in Austin, join us next week – Tuesday 6:30 pm at Texas Running Company on 1011 W. 5th!

Happy mid-week!



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