Taco Tunesday – Forever


Recently I’ve been running without my iPod and actually really enjoying it.  I think sometimes I fall into the pace of the beat of the music and often that’s not the pace I need to be at.  Maybe I’m evolving as a runner and really starting to actually enjoy the act of just running – with no musical distractions.  But every now and then it’s nice to have the background music.  On a run a couple of weeks ago, I ended on this song and was in such a good mood (had a great run on Red River), that I left my headphones in when I got home and danced around the apartment.  It’s a fun song and now I’ll turn it on when I need a study break or a little shake up.

Forever.  Chris Brown.

Anyone remember this?  I remember seeing this couple on the Today Show and thought it was a fun and creative way to cut the tension at a wedding.  Something about this song – you just can’t help but dance.

I returned to the Taco run this morning after having to miss last week because of a presentation in Nutrition class.  I met two new people this week – Ellen and Tony.  Tony I recognized from previous weeks’ runs but Ellen was new.  We all finished close to the same time and gathered around the water.

“Dang girl, I’ve been chasing you since Rio Grande,” Tony said to me.

He sure knows how to compliment a girl, that made my day.  Which means next week I have a status to maintain.


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