Happy Fall, Y’all!


Now that I’m way south in Texas, I have to rely on cues other than crisp and chilly temperatures to let me know that fall is here.  Pumpkins in a variety of forms – gourds, lattes, scones, muffins.  Football – Colts and Longhorns.  Boots.  Yes, people are wearing boots here already (and I’m not talking about the always appropriate cowboy type).  I mean I know we’re excited that fall is coming, but it’s still 90 degrees.  Not appropriate.

Tomorrow is my long run day (September half marathon!) so I needed a recovery-type workout this morning and of course I needed to be outside to celebrate the arrival of one of my favorite seasons.  I decided I would ride my bike (biking is perfect for a rest day because it’s no-impact and works different muscles than running) downtown to get a fall-inspired breakfast at Whole Foods.  The ride down was just that, downhill the whole way – really fun and enjoyable.  A beautiful morning in the high 60s and a lot of people were out on the trails.

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I stopped midway at the mega-Whole Foods for breakfast.  I browsed their breakfast bar and aisles and aisles of interesting foods for probably half an hour before deciding on a muffin and two hardboiled eggs.  And of course, the reason for the whole trip – a pumpkin spice cappuccino.  I enjoyed my breakfast on their patio catching up with a friend on her marathon training.

The ride home was much more difficult than the ride down.  I spent about an hour of down time while I was downtown and by then temperatures had creeped up into the 70s and the sun was shining.  So it was hot and uphill but my legs feel good.  Slowly recovering from the bar class on Thursday.  Am really looking forward to tomorrow’s long run – maybe because that means I get to have pizza tonight :).

How are you celebrating fall today?


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  1. Enjoying real fall-like temps in the low 60’s and a hint of color change on the hardwoods in Northern Ohio for a soccer match….windy and chilly!!

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