The Austin Distance Challenge


No track workout today.  Just don’t feel like I have the time and it wouldn’t be beneficial for me to be out there right now.  Still planning on getting it in this week but Thursday just isn’t working this week.  So nothing to report on there – but I did want to share a fun race series I’m thinking of participating in!

The Austin Distance Challenge

The Austin Distance Challenge

The Austin Distance Challenge is a series of longer distance races that runs from October to February.  It’s a little bit like the Memphis Road Race Series I participated in last year except that the distances of the races are a little different, and instead of buying a whole package of races you have to register for each one individually and then separately register for the challenge.  BUT like the RRS, there are perks –

All registered participants will receive:

•·         A custom printed long sleeve tech running shirt.

•·         One Year FREE membership in ARC (non ARC members only)

•·         Use of the Austin Fit Magazine Distance Challenge VIP tent found at the finish

             area of each race. There will be beverages, special premiums and other fun stuff.

•·         Invitation to the Celebration Party in March.


All participants who complete the series will receive:

•·         A custom printed runners jacket

•·         A Completion Certificate

•·         Additionally, trophies will be presented for Overall, Masters and Age Groups in 5-year increments, both M and F. Trophies will be presented for both the Full and Half Track Series options.

I like “free” stuff, parties and trophies so that’s a big draw for me.  There are six races ranging from 10k to 30k (that’s 18 miles!).

The Races

IBM Uptown Classic 10k – October 7, 2012.  $35 until race week, then $40.

10 K

Run for the Water 10 Miler – October 28, 2012.  $39 until September 30, then $49.50

10 Miles

ARC Decker Challenge Half Marathon – December 9, 2012.  $70 until December 1.

Half Marathon #1

3M Half Marathon – January 13, 2013.  $90.

Half Marathon # 2

Rogue 30k/10k – January 27, 2013.  $75 before October 7.


Livestrong Half Marathon – February 17, 2013.  $100 through November 27.

Half Marathon #3

Sounds fun huh?  I’m gonna take a long hard look at my schedule and my bank account to see if both can handle it and will let you know!

I’ve done the Livestrong Half before – anyone completed any of the others?  Or the full challenge?  Let me know how it was!


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  1. I am doing the Run For the Water and the Decker Half Marathon. I am really excited and glad that Austin has so many fun races to do!

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