Motivation Monday


One of my favorite things to whine about as a runner is how damn hot it is all the time.  It was that way in Memphis, and it stayed that way when I moved to Austin.  And other runners love it too.  We commiserate over it and it’s an easy go-to topic.  It’s an excuse for slow times, awful efforts and even skipped runs.  Well I came across this yesterday and decided although I’ll probably not ever stop complaining about the heat, I could suck it up a little bit.

Suck it up, y’all!

Maybe think about that today, and then go a step further and run for all the firemen who run in the heat to save lives everyday.  Run today in memory of those brave firemen who lost their lives 11 years ago this week during the September 11 attacks.  And then take comfort in the fact that fall is coming…..

Happy Monday!


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  1. Nice tribute and remembrance. It wasn’t hot here this morning….coolest day since early June….so I’m gearing up to whine about the cold now….haha….but you’ll be proud to know the boys ran anyway today!

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