SJHM Week 13: Tempo Run


I managed to hit the road – Red River to be specific – before 7 am this morning.  I wanted to test out those hills.  It was definitely a challenging run but I made sure to pay attention to my watch to keep from being too fast too soon.  The route starts out pretty flat but the hills definitely start rolling by the end of mile 1.  It’s hard to say if it was steeper on the way there or back.

Here is the elevation profile for the run (I’ll have to scout some pics for you soon)

Today’s Hills

Avg Pace
Summary 50:17.0 6.01 8:22
1 8:24.2 1.00 8:24
2 8:21.2 1.00 8:21
3 8:10.9 1.00 8:11
4 8:26.9 1.00 8:26
5 8:25.7 1.00 8:26
6 8:23.7 1.00 8:23
7 :04.3 0.01 7:40

I was proud and relieved to see the average pace just under my 8:30 goal.  Makes me feel OK about the semi-relaxed training the past few weeks.

I’m a bit distraught because I don’t think I’ll be able to squeeze the taco run in tomorrow.  I need to be on campus by 7:30 and that just doesn’t give me enough time to catch a bus from downtown to campus….I’ll have to come up with an alternative workout plan in the meantime.  I’m hopeful that once I have my bike back from the shop, I may be able to ride to school after the run in enough time still have front row seats in the sardine can.

Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day!


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