One Final Day of Summer


August 29.  The first day of classes at the University of Texas.  For most students.  Normally, I will have class from 10-noon on Wednesdays but because Austin is all play and no work, my Monday and Wednesday class is cancelled until September 10.

Which makes today THE LAST DAY OF SUMMER!

Once classes get rolling I’m not sure I’ll be able to run at the lake or other trails as often as I’d like to because of the logistics of getting to campus so I thought today I’d go one more time.  I’ve been trying to use the public transportation here as of yesterday so I hopped on the bus early this morning to head to Town Lake for an easy jog with a friend (she’s having allergy problems and drank too much wine last night….).  We ended up going about 2.8 miles before she had to get back for work – which was just fine with me since I’m planning on doing my long August run on Friday!

I rushed nowhere today and enjoyed lazily removing boxes and trash from the apartment.  It’s coming along!  Most of the dishes are cleaned and in the cabinets, the kitchen surfaces are clear, boxes removed and shtuff just generally stacked and organized.  I had so much space today I was able to enjoy lunch sitting down at my table instead of standing in a tiny spot at the kitchen counter.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a homemade meal and thought today’s was pretty inspired.  I stuffed a wheat pita with spinach, feta, garlic hummus, tomatoes and cucumbers.  I also had some carrots and celery on the side while I chopped the veggies.  My first official sit-down, home-cooked meal!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So the rest of my day includes trying to figure out the bus routes to my most important destinations (school, potential worksites, friends, the lake, etc.) and I know so far that a lot of waiting is involved.  Which leaves a lot of time for getting deeper into my new book The American Heiress.

American Heiress – Guilty 19th Century Pleasures

Happy middle of the week!


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